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Kodia's blog to Lifetime goals and pie

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Hello and welcome to my blog! Feel free to leave a post or bump this :D




--currently doing a BIG change so won't update for a little while---




I'm still new to Tip.it so probably no one here has probably seen or heard of me so that is just one reason to start a blog.




[hide=Latest Level and Completed Achievements]Pictures coming soon!




Latest Level


90 defense!




Completed Achievements!


Woot! Here is a list of any achievment I have accomplished that I am excited about.




Full melee void


68 Summoning-bunyip


70 Prayer-guthix herald


76 Fishing-sharks


80 Cooking-sharks[/hide]


[hide=A little about me]Hi I'm Kodia. I have been playing runescape for a very long time. Played way back when there was only the left click, and I have played on and off since. If anyone wants to reminence about the good ole days feel free to pm! Been playing since 2001 or so if not earlier.




Just started this blog to keep track of my goals and hopefully make some new friends.[/hide]


[hide=Current works]Nothing at the moment, trying to update my blog quite a bit.[/hide]




[hide=Goals]---Long term---


These goals are all things I would like to complete because they have been dreams of mine. Also gives myself something to do so I don't complain that I don't know what to do. Happens alot to me.




85 Mining




Reason: Always wanted to mine runite, and with my 88 longterm goal of smithing, I have a real good reason to mine alot of the ore I need myself




Plan to obtain: See smithing. Mainly just mining iron, mithril, and gold. Might also eventually try powermining either iron or granite.... I have yet to try powermining granite so I'll experiment alittle




88 Smithing




Reason: Adamant is the color green. Dark green is my favorite color. What more can I say? Smithing my favorite color = awesome. And at 88 I can smith full addy :D Always wanted to do that ever since Jagex finished the smithing table years ago.




Plan to obtain: Mainly mithril and steel from my kingdoms constant coal supply. Will also mine and smith gold with my goldsmithing gaunlets.




85 Fletching




Reason: Always wanted to make magic longbows, and it's a fairly easy goal to boot. A lot easier to get than my 88 smith or 85 mining ;)




75 Theiving




Reason: Stealing from the gem stall would be just great. My brother already does while he is doing farm runs and has a huge collection of gems. I always can use more gems. Plus it gives me access to pretty much any area and chest.




65 Runecraft




Reason: Crafting deaths. Just in case I run out or get low from barrows, plus I can make extra to use during Castlewars, or anywhere I want to mage.




---Short term--- List of goals I hope to get within a short period.[/hide]




---Fun stuff I do---


[hide=Apple pies]I always liked apple pies and they were the best food until fishing came out. And with the not so recent update they are still very good at 14 healing. Were 10 healing before the update.




With the new infinate supply update it's even easier to make pies. I can get unlimited flower AND pie dishes :D . The apples themselves I get from the culnimancer shop. Water I get from the humidify spell.[/hide]




Thanks for reading and please post something. A simple good luckl will suffice. I am always accepting advice to make this blog better!




Stay tuned for even more updates!

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A start is a start :D




started 2 days ago here so im kinda new too ::'


wish you best of luck with whatever goal i will try to achieve and welcome to tip.it :D




3 cheers for you \:D/\:D/\:D/




check out my blog too :D

Okey, mine that rock for me please.

Oh and watch the gole......crap!



Check my blog here

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