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  1. I don't know if you can out dps them well BUT this is how they work just so you know. Also DON'T kill the healers unless you know Jad won't get back above half health otherwise more can spawn. edit: My vote would be deal with the healers because otherwise you may spend 5 minutes hitting him and not have him die because the healers just were too good. If you have 99 range and overloads and the new dung prayers for awesome pray bonus then maybe with a hand cannon you could try to out dps all 4 healers. You at least should try getting 2 or 3 healers on you so you can do more damage then one or two heal. Any healer that is not able to reach you or not distracted will heal Jad. Not able to reach you means they are stuck behind Jad basicly. They don't do anything if you shoot them and they are waiting in line to get to you behind other healers. Just shooting them and leaving them behind Jad won't work. They will just go back to healing after a few seconds from what I saw. Any healer in Melee range of you can heal jad but they do so while also attacking. They don't heal as often compared to if they were left alone. I just did it yesterday and saw only one healer that was meleeing me heal Jad. I left one behind Jad and it would go crazy healing while the one would hit me at least once then heal Jad. Attack me once or twice and heal Jad. Rinse and repeat. If you can multitask to attack all 4 healers and get them into a line great. If not I don't know how many healers you can out dps. Someone else might have a better idea but good luck. If you choose to attract healers remember to only do ONE action per Jad attack. Simply attack a healer, drink a potion, eat some food, swap weapon style, ect. Only one of those before you look back and watch/listen for his next attack. Also use long range to ensure you stay out of melee range when pulling healers, and after they are on you feel free to go back to rapid fire. Good luck and I hope this time you kill him :thumbsup:
  2. Woot did it my first try. Thanks to everyone and their assistance. My setup and what I did is below and I hope it helps someone else do Jad. Thanks a ton Feel free to check my adventure log to confirm the kill =D Also I know my prayer was not the "best" and same for gear and setup. I think anyone with decent pray or range level can afford not going the extra mile because you kill faster base, plus you get more p points back per potion vs someone with bare minimum stats. This is more of a crude guide for someone around my level and not for someone who has low range, pray, and def. Simply put this is how I did it and feel free to change whatever you like. I am not claiming this is an awesome guide in any way. I am happy to be able to confirm the new healer system to anyone who is unsure what they now act like. Any healer that isn't trying to reach you or that is meleeing you can heal jad. If they get stuck behind jad they will eventually go back to healing jad like normal. Make sure they are lined up to minimize damage to you. My Setup was this excaliber ee. I don't have levels for the final level 3 4 dose range pots 15 4 dose super restores 3 4 dose pray pots 4 rocktail sw cape(didnt use it much so it was a waste but I still made it) backup weapon I wasn't using aka whip or xbow Yes this isn't all the best equipment but pray swapping is more important then perfect gear. At my range level I don't think it would make a huge difference. I had way too many super restores left and should have brought more food. Head: helm of neiz Weapons: whip and rune crossbow with broad bolts Shield: blessed shield Cape: accumulator Boots: dragon boots(rofl i know but didnt care to change and its minimal range loss for me) Gloves: barrows gloves Legs: veracs skirt Chest: karils top Ring: Lumby 3 (I don't have an archer ring so went for more pray bonus) Prayer: Leech def Leech range Reflect damage Used all my food and had over 7 full pots of super restore left when I killed jad. I should have brought more food but oh well Tips for waves and what I did Food: I didn't bring enough because it was my first time going through all the waves so I had to rely on my excalibur EE to do most of the healing. I safe spotted and even sat there while waiting for my special bar to recharge so I didn't have to use my rocktails I was saving for jad. At my def level only the 90s got a few good hits in. Normally one per two I kill. Potions: I had one too many Range pots and at least 4 or more p pots or super restore that could have been food or melee potions. I would say with your good pray bonus get an idea how many potions you need for an hour or so of non protection prayer minimum. The waves with 360s require you to basicly keep pray mage on permanently. Other guides probably can give a better idea. For the waves I used melee a good deal and safe spotted 180s when I could such as behind other monsters or at italy rock ect. Ranged 360s obviously. Dont think i could kite them well. On jad Messed up pray twice but both were smallish hits and he spawned so I could trap behind Italy rock and heal when i messed up. HIGHLY recommend viewing videos and whatnot like I did. Easy to see what attacks are what once you calm down. On Jad's healers: I just shot them one by one ran behind italy rock to get them in a line. Then only the one who meleed me healed jad when he got low on health. I thought the rounds getting to him were harder. It might get tougher if he spawns somewhere else and you don't have an easy spot to line the healers up. Also I can confirm that any healer NOT attacked and trying to reach you OR any healer that is in melee range of you WILL heal Jad. Make sure you move and get them unstuck from behind Jad and get them in one line so only one can hit you. Reduces their damage and also makes it easy to out dps that one healer. Hope this helps someone else. Good luck for anyone attempting. PS.. I used curses because I like the reflect damage ability. Yes you lose 5% def AND range BUT you reflect a decent amount back and I know cause I saw lots of 30+ damage reflects thanks to the new system. I saw a few 50s even but I can't give an exact amount of damage the reflect prayers did but overall I enjoyed the help. I feel it basicly will cancel out one healers healing. Maybe more then that. You also drain his range level which lowers his max hit and chance to hit. You lower his probably super low def already, but it helps in it's own way. Use which ever pray set you like imo but at my range level I think it isn't a huge difference. I still hit him quite easily with a rune xbow. You either prayer swap correctly and get little or no lag, or you do not and die anyways. Feel free to disagree and use whatever setup and prayers you like. Edits just to clean it up a little because I was too excited to care much about it looking good. Also added in equipment I forgot about and other tid bits that might help others.
  3. Thanks everyone for the reply's. My only other question is with my range level and range pots will I be able to out dps 2 healers? I don't think I will manage getting only one to hit me so as a worst case would 2 be manageable while they heal Jad? I plan to use leech def and leech range and keep magic pray on at all times except when I see him stomp. Will be easier to sit on mage pray and swap to range when he does a stomp rather than risk messing up. Watched videos and his damage animation is similar to the magic attack and I get messed up =( Also I want to melee the caves except for 360's to save time. My melee stats are a good deal higher than range plus melee gets more raw dps anyway. And out of curiosity what happened to the halberd method? Swear I have heard of it but yet don't see anything about it anymore. Terrible method I assume? -edit- And for jad should I get a hand cannon or two? I hear they do some real nice damage and I have 99 fm to make them blow up a lot less. Also is it confirmed they heal him even multiple spaces away ONLY if they are in melee range of you or stuck behind him after being shot? Rather not find out different when I make it to him.
  4. Stats should be working in my sig but it has been a long long time since I posted here. I have never attempted Jad before but I have watched many videos on him. I also have read many guides and also searched both this forum and the RSO one. I have a few simple questions that I have read many conflicting responses to. I am not afraid of melee being more of a challenge if it will suit me better. The reason I want to kill him now is for fire cape but also for when I get 93 slayer for the ice worms. 1. At what level can you out dps Jad's healers with melee? This is without overloads or turmoil. I am not a fan of range and once the healers spawn it gets more complicated. Melee you just keep wailing on him till you die or he does. I plan on using curses because the damage you reflect will be nice and also draining his str and atk for if i mess up melee pray. 2. Someone who has recently killed Jad, how do the healers work? I have heard many different things since they changed it to the healers doing their job while focused on you. If they are many spaces away can they still heal him? 3. Without overloads or turmoil is it still feasible to kill him with melee? I will do more dps and thus spend less time having to fight him. I can get claws if really needed for spec after his hp drops and am willing to put this off till higher melee stats and for when I get extremes. 4. Range is an option but I am sure I will screw up the healer part many times and is why I am not a fan of it. At first it is more simple with only having to pray against 2 attacks but once the healers spawn you have to get them on you, line them up ect. Is range REALLY that much easier? I feel it isn't. Thanks ahead of time. Important stats in case the sig doesn't work anymore 93 atk 99 def 92 str 80 pray 87 range 97 hp 83 herb
  5. Thanks a bunch. :mrgreen: It's good to know im not "that" slow overall. Right new it feels like a crawl when you spend half an hour just to get 700ish exp on the lower floors and just barely 1k on floor 14-15 which are the highest I can do at the moment. I know how to do the reset properly too. I don't want to rush super fast but I really want my coal bag now. Trying to get 88 smith and 85 mining and I don't mind concentrated gold but I get tired of both the good spots running dry and having to wait what feels like forever to get one to respawn, where as witih coal I can use lava titan for mining boost and hold a ton of coal, while making about the same ammount of money since coal is only 50-60ish gp below gold last i knew Coal also has many good spots close together so there is rarely a wait from my viewpoint. Does poison help a ton? I keep hearing about it and keep forgetting to make a potion to do so lol. Also to anyone who doesnt know or hasnt tried it, on solo a BoB is godsend seriously. I tried a decent one out and i am in love. If you rush it wont do much but for someone like me who likes to train smithing mining farming herblore ect with what I find it works wonders with all the junk you collect. :grin:
  6. The main question I have is about how long should an average solo dungeon be done in? I can only bind one item and have made myself a Gorgenite spear and don't plan on doing groups atm. Later I might decide to once I can do all the floors and then get a Prom spear made. I would say I take around 30 minutes to an hour depending on what boss it is, puzzles ect. I also like to mine any ore I can and smith it. I have yet to die on a boss, but many are tough enough that if I dont prepare with armor and a summon and potions that I barely kill them with no food left and less than 200 hp. I realize being a level 129 combat might be the reason. The real problem I have are people saying its possible to rush a floor in 15 minutes or less. I an not called anyone a liar but I don't see how you can rush a boss and win without some kind of armor. Most I have fought use all 3 types of damage and can hit like trucks. Smacking 200+ damage hits when most of my food is salve eels means I am outa food without some kind of armor to reduce how many times they hit in a row. Am I doing something wrong or will it get easier once you can bind a 2nd item at level 50? I use tip it's guide to target weaknesses. I am still pretty new to the skill obviously so I definately am not good at rushing, I just am wondering if there is an easier way. I do realize that rushing means just killing the monsters you need to and killing the boss asap but I don't see how to safely kill the boss without armor. Dieing would negate any bonus rushing would have in my opinion. Are my lowish skill levels hurting me possibly? At 129 I run into 200+ level bosses normally. Depends on the boss like the behemoth that eats corpses is normally 210ish. The luminecent icefiend is normally around 130-150. -edit- This is on members just to clarify.
  7. I am P2P and only have gotten rune full helms. I agree with many others that if greaters do drop other rune items it's EXTREMELY RARE. I have killed hundreds of things like kurasks trying to get their head, and yet some of the items tip it says they drop, I did not see drop. One example is I finally got the 100 noted silver ore drop from a fire giant. I have seen that on many different monsters drop lists, but yet killed thousands and have never gotten one. Same with the uncut dragonstone. I have killed thousands of monsters that could drop it and had never gotten one before. I did finally get one a few months back though. Same with black dragons, I have killed a few hundred and gotten maybe two or three rune items. It's all luck. I am always surprised by some random drops off monsters I never knew they dropped.
  8. :thumbsup: Very similar to what I would like to see. If Jagex took their updates and made them into bi-weekly or even monthly I think quality would go up quite a bit. While its nice so have some lower level updates here and there I do think that there is an ever growing need to have much higher level stuff. While I don't want to see the true endgame get released too soon just start throwing some bones at us with 90+ level requirements would be a good starting point. Hopefully this year of fixing enables them to do this.
  9. I would prefer that they do not raise the level cap above level 99. It would look odd and even the easier skills take many hours to max out. To ask people to hit for example 200 million exp is crazy in my opinion. On top of that there is the issue than many skills end around level 85 or so.
  10. *sigh* I don't wish to rant too much but here I go..... First of all, anyone who thinks that the video is going to equal gameplay is gravely mistaken. Don't get me wrong, WoW is by no means a bad game, but it is also not the end all be all MMO. I have tried out many MMO's and they all have their own ups and downs. No MMO is perfect in every way. To start a new MMO and reach this "high level" content will take many months of long play times. When I restarted WoW after they made it easier to reach level 60, I spent over a month and a half getting to 65. I never got to 70 which was endgame in the Burning Crusade expansion. Their latest one bumbed it up to level 80. The expansion coming out will bump that up to 85. I played most days for at least 3 hours or more so it wasn't like I took my sweet time. This will vary based on build, experience with MMO's, how much you can stand grinding ect ect. Second of all I feel Runescape does and can compete with the MMO's out there. Again let me re state the fact that Runescape is not perfect and I too would be happy to see much higher level stuff coming out. Even with these faults I think RS is still a good game. If jagex takes the lack of elite/grandmaster content than I feel it would really make RS awesome. At the same time I realize that unless something major changes giving out level 99 stuff means that is endgame. Without higher levels or something that will be the best of the best. Sorry if this seems like venting but I am frustrated when people try and make WoW sound like the greatest game ever. It does have much better combat and group content, but stuff like skills is sorely lacking. It has little to do as a solo person, end game content is only for raids of 25+ people. Some would like that but I personally don't. Skills in WoW mean little and can be ground to the max level within just a day or two for the most part. End game isn't too hard to reach with the rest system where anyone NOT playing earns free exp. While you are rested you gain 2x the exp for monster kills. The person who plays 8 hours a day will reach endgame quicker but will put in much more work. Again some people like this and some dont. I don't mine people having different opinions than my own, I just get frustrated when they act like their opinion is the same as everyone elses.
  11. Ok thanks :thumbsup: Out of curiosity how long or much would it cost to gain that many? I am trying to decide if getting my warrior and or berserk rings, or even a onyx ring would be worth the time invested. I have not played a single game or even visited MA.
  12. Are they permanent as in once you pay for the reward you can do it to any ring for free afterwards or is it on a per ring basis. AKA you have to pay for each ring seperately. I have looked at both Jagex's guide and Tip it's and neither said anything about this question. I also did a search and no one else asked it. I have not been to MA at all yet but am curious. Thanks in advance :mrgreen: -edit- With the example I mean that lets say i purchase the imbue for the warrior ring. Do i have to pay that for every warrior ring i want imbued, or do i pay it once and bring as many rings as I want to the person you purchase it from?
  13. Thanks Requiem :thumbsup: I did try kurasks and gargs and didnt get anything, too bad I didnt see that list a few minutes ago :P
  14. So far turoths, aquanites, crawling hands have given me bones testing kuraks to see if they drop one of them, i am thinking gargoyles might drop claw
  15. So far i KNOW 78 slayer is required to finish the list, i got my pelvis from the aquanites :thumbsup: I hope with that requirement it means a good reward
  16. I did just look up the boost and it is true that tip it and jagex only list it as +3 to +4 boost, but how much does a level of magic help in magic defence? I don't know if 1 magic level is the same to magic as 1 level of defence is to melee and ranged defence. That is why I wonder if anyone has tested it. It would be awesome if Jagex gave out some combat formulas but I doubt that will ever happen :(
  17. This is probably gonna sound funny but here we go...... I don't wanna sound like a rocket scientist or anything but all day at work this question has puzzled me... In all the guides and what not I have read on boss hunting I have never seen anyone mention magic potions. The reason I say this is that magic increases your magic defence more than regular defence levels. Using that logic bringing some magic potions to pot up should be helpful in reducing the chance to get hit with a boss's or regular monster's magic attacks would it not? I realize that some bosses don't have magic attacks or that you already pray against them, but for example I was gonna try Tormented Demons pretty soon and I hear their ranged attack is the most accurate. If I use super def and magic potions would I not max out my possible magic defence at my current levels, thus saving food? Has anyone tested using these pots against things like waterfiends? If its been tested and found to be not worth it than oh well, but I wonder why I have not seen any mention or discussion of it. Thanks in advance
  18. Stats are in my siggy :mrgreen: Anyways... I am wondering if the demons are semi solo-able at my current level. I realize that higher range would greatly help but it would be more for fun right now than for serious killing. If or when I seriously want to hunt them would a unicorn be god-send there? I have enough charms banked for 79 possibly 80. I am on my way towards 85 slayer and will have quite high summoning by then. About GWD I am wondering how easy I could get into a team. I am thinking bandos to start since my range level isn't exactly high. Do I need to range for sara? I know the room was shrunk to half size so I don't see how anyone could tank the main boss with her special abiltiy. Please enlighten. : Should I get 90 in atk and str before trying for any team? A higher range level? I have never been there to boss hunt but I have been in there killing aviansies ect. Thanks in advance --edit-- About gear I currently use barrows and whip/defender. I have a sara sword and DFS. I do NOT have a god sword or the current funds to buy one. Are they quite nice for boss hunting? I hear both yes and no. I have almost 7 million cash on hand, over 2 million in my coffers and a few million in other misc items.
  19. Are these three items really awesome for general slaying or are they just a nice thing if you have the spare cash? I am working on 90 attack while getting to 85 slayer and then I will go straight for 99 def. I only have 15 million in hard currency and was wondering if bandos legs and plate, plus SGS would be worth saving up for. I have the Enhanced excaliber and currently use guthans for melee tanking. Bandos is slightly weaker in the melee stats but has the +str and +prayer bonuses. SGS I hear is nice but obviously 40+ million gp isn't too easy to get quick :wall: Thanks in advance
  20. To my knowledge and understanding, as the post a few above me said, it saves what your percent is at every day. This means that if you let it drop down and do not raise it again before the next day you will lose that 1% or more. If you get it back up to 100% before talking to grim I don't think it will count. I could be wrong and it would be nice to have someone who has tested it reply. I personally let it drop down for 2-4 days and check it again. Once my money is at or lower than 750k(I have done royal trouble) I add a bunch more money. Some check it everyday, some more often than I do, and some let it go for a longer period of time. It all depends how much those few %'s are worth to you. It is only 750gp per % you lose a day so I don't fret about it too much. Hope that helps
  21. One person that takes rewards is the banker in bough de rott, the other is the person in charge near the temple entrance from the swamp. Try giving the note to either one to get a reward.
  22. Very true. One thing I do want to point out is that IN NO WAY am I saying that Runescape is just plain superior to any competitor out there. I like Runescape more for certain reasons just like anyone who likes a competitor likes their game/company. There really is no right or wrong choice as long as you enjoy what you play. I also get annoyed when people make judgements without some knowledge. I have friends that played the tutorial island for RS and just call the game bad. 90% of the complaint is the combat and graphics. To me personally graphics shouldn't affect your enjoyment too bad but if it does for you than that is fine. I don't agree but everyone is entitled to their opinion. While I have not personally raided, from all the things I have read, heard, and seem from personal experience watching friends raid, it isn't for me. Spending 6+ hours wiping in a raid just to spend 30 minutes re setting up is not fun. Again I DO NOT THINK ALL RAIDS ARE LIKE THAT, but it is what I have seen. On pvp I agree that it isn't even close to what PvE is like. I don't enjoy pvp myself and thus have little experience. From what I have seen in WoW it is a really deep system and definately doesn't have the same grinding element that the PvE side does. And for the record I enjoyed doing dungeons for the first few runs. After farming them multiple tiems it gets boring coupled with PuG's having really bad players which I started to dislike a lot. This is a very interesting discussion btw :thumbsup: Always nice to hear what others think that don't enjoy RS as much. I am not such a fanboy that I refuse to accept RS's problems. I don't mind them that much, but I realize they exist. RS isn't for everybody --- edit --- Also I realize that if you have many friends that play that dungeons are a blast. I have had many great experiences doing them with friends, my problem is that most of my friends play on PvP servers and I obviously am anti PvP. This makes it hard to do dungeons without Pick up Groups(PuG). You could mention guildmates but my experiences have never gotten me into a great guild with high leveled people. Again it is just my experience, I realize it isn't how it always works.
  23. Very true about RS's combat. It is very simple compared to basicly and other MMO out there. I also agree that WoW's PvP takes real physical skill. There are cooldowns, skill interupts, silences ect ect ect to use where in runescape you really only have eating, potion drinking, and specials attacks. There is an ammount of skill needed but not as much as many competitors. My whole point is you will never have everyone agree. I played WoW to lvl 65 for my highest char during the burning crusade. I got tired of running even the simple outland dungeons. Playing with people I don't know gets frustrating when they don't try to get better. Trying to raid would only make me pull my hair out personally. Here again some people love it, and that is why we have so many different MMO's to suit the needs of whatever you enjoy more. I like RS's focus on smaller teams and or solo content. WoW is more focused on group content which is good if you like groups. Another point is ALL MMO's have grinding. In RS is mostly just about skill leveling and a little about gear. In WoW it is about getting to the highest level and then spending the rest of your time getting better and better gear. I don't care too much about super awesome gears as I do about getting levels in skills. That is another reason I enjoy RS more. Working for that extra peice of gear just doesn't cut it for me. Here again some people love that, if you liked Diablo II's system you probably will love WoW's item system.
  24. Insanity -- all I meant was on the highscores. Right now 2 million show up, 10% of 2 million is 200,000. I don't mean to brag but I am proud that most of my skills and my overall rating is in the 200,000 or less range. I was using it to show the reason why I can come back and use most or all of the new content. Everynow and then Jagex does release something I can't use and that is ok. I do think there could be more "elite" level content going by their standards.
  25. Very well said! I have always wondered if others had a similar opinion about rival MMO's. I myself have played many of our competitors, but I always end up coming back to Runescape. Some of the reasons are 1. A "high" level character. After having played on and off so many years I have access/can do a great majority of the content out there. While I do not claim to be "elite" I can happily say I am fairly high level. I am within the top 10% of all players to ever play RS. I do understand that many have quit and there could be free players that are better, but that depends on what you define better as. It's hard to compare F2P to P2P because P2P obviously has an advantage. 2. Quests. They are litterly one of the reasons I can't truely quit. Every other MMO I have every played fits perfectly into the three things you listed. Yes there are some quests/missions/adventures that are cool in other ones but they always come down to killing things for an item or to get to a spot to get an item. 3. Open-endedness(if thats a word lol) I love that I can do ANYTHING in RS with just one character. No alts, no second, third, 100th character, no starting all over. Thats also why I love having a character I can come back to an try new content. 4. RS doesn't require no-lifeing to access new content. All the other MMO's make their content exclusively for the so called "elite". They rarely give something to those who don't play for a very large ammount of time non stop. Any new raid requires you to be at max level, and requires good teamwork to even complete it. While some people may enjoy that more, I get so frustrated having to play content all the time with others. At least with RS you can do many things solo, but you also can bring friends along.
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