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  1. good luck again nabcake <3 cheering for you feels good to see that my ingame friends still cheer for me u are wubbed by mining nab once again <3
  2. well i havent figured out just how i link it to my blog yet :-k but im 6th in row or something like that on page 1 :P
  3. nice levels and good goals hang on and youll make em no mather what ps u are wubbed by teh mining nab post on my bloggeh too? \
  4. wow seems u were busy the time i had a break :-k i admire your concentration level goo dluck to 99 had my doubts in the beginning but now i knowfor sure u can make it \ repost on my bloggeh too? \
  5. good luck with your FM nice and resonable goal so u shuld be fine dont get burned out like i did ( thi im back niw ) GOOD LUCK post on me bloggeh too?
  6. first of all sorry i havent been posting and been online for weeks dont know what actually happened got a bit bored or something ( aww man i really was :XD: ) gonan give it another shot again in other words ME IS BAAAAAAAAACK \
  7. seen so many new people and had no new support at all :-k come on, wub me : this is a bump btw =D>
  8. been rather busy fletching today.. didnt even see a granite rock :-k but if i get 70 fletch fast ill have a nice base to start making money after 99 mining \
  9. then why aint u coming on? ill put my list on ON instead of private pm me
  10. add me ingame.. ill trade ur shears for: 5 cut rubys :P ill speak to u soon
  11. hehe true true but u know what they say better slow and steady then fast and get burned out :-k :
  12. been off for 1 or 2 weeks and u got some high lvl again :shock: gratz on the smithing =D> edit... i see ur tip.it crew now too very nice :XD: :
  13. so im back again, not entirly mining only as u will see in updated blog soon but 99 is still the goal \
  14. so i got my member yesterday, and tohught: hmm what to do first its hard to pick when u have that many things to do... now im lvling my construction to 45 (nice level and can make chapel :lol: ) and got the plnanks for it after that, who nows :P
  15. go pwn some nabkins :twisted: when u get 99 range, i hopefully have 99 mining and ill get u a robin and ranger boots ( if u dont have em already :XD: ) anyway good luck on ur range 3 cheers for u \ \ \ check my blog aswell : :thumbsup:
  16. somehwere in the back of my mind i know i wotn make it but its a nice boost of motivation to try : and thsi weekend im at my dad place, so ill be no lifing 3 days 24 hours a day so that will be 72 hours straight gaming, eating at comp, smoking at comp and no sleep :-s only bathroom breaks :XD: so if i make 40k an hour itll be 2.880.000 exp so IF i WILL no life this weekend ill be 85 on monday \
  17. another miner / smither, guess my idea aint that original these days :-k anyway goodl uck on yours goals :thumbsup: if u wanna race to 85 or 99 just post at my blog \ 3 cheers for you \ \ \ anotmer miner... :-s
  18. hey there, good luck with your goals, you'll make it :thumbsup: 3 cheers for you \ \ \ check my blog aswell : :thumbsup:
  19. good luck on ur goals, seem fair to sart of with getting spear can be a pain tho just dotn give up =D> 3 cheers for u \ \ \ check my blog aswell :
  20. my mining tips: Get to the fullest world... go al kharid if u power mine while dropping or go varrock west mine for banking ( mine, tele varrock, bank, go back) other then that, good luck on your goals, never give up =D> 3 cheers for u \ \ \
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