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  1. As the title states, I've been pickpocketing HAMs for ages and I'm starting to get annoyed. RSN: Chevroi - I'm always in W99 but just message me. Thanks.
  2. Give it a chance! Anyway I'm gonna let it all settle before I start training it seriously.
  3. Again, where can we get charms? Also.. WOOOOOT ITS FINALLY HERE!!! Got my 1st combat level in like...ages! And I LOVE the HP/Prayer/Energy things at the top...GJ Jagex :D
  4. It takes you 10 minutes to get there? Use fairy rings and get there in 2 :D
  5. grats nub , now can i have a kitty cause i ate my last one...
  6. you have to move the pieces so they actually go together not with a space in between...the pic is only that because one you actually complete it the window closes.
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