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  1. Nice Anron, good to see you playing again :wink:
  2. Ugh, this makes me miss staking so much... :cry: Other than that, nice account, 9/10.
  3. Yay for double posting? :mellow: I hit enter to skip down some lines, was unaware that it posts when you hit enter. Sorry :smile:
  4. Doesn't matter. It's already hit meme status. I lol'd so hard. But yeah, Kanye's an [wagon] :|
  5. I know how you feel, all I do in rs anymore is pvp and tds :P I think you'd be pro pker cus you're pro at everything else XD
  6. You hunt for AFK people alot :P GF Squiggeh XD
  7. What's up with you downing people in epic gear XD 10/10 P.S. U b at pokemon club meeting friday?
  8. I'm not sure Zaaps, I just remember charging pray at the Monastery when I was pking earlier today :P
  9. No, unless they put the Monastery in. That means your only options are prayer potions, Super Restore potions, SGS spec, the Chaos Altar, and the Zamorak Altar. They put the Monastery in. :P
  10. What is this so called "North Carolinina"
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