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  1. Im gonna get 94 mage next. Just downgraded my p hat to purple for enough gp.
  2. Thanks for the replies...I suck at PKing...if anyone has any tips let me know.
  3. Well, when RS2 came out...it pissed me off I could only stay logged in like 3 minutes when fishing...so I found a way to disable the auto log out...turns out that was traceable and I got banned for it. I staked a lot.....more then I should have...same in RSC. As far as skilling, I hate skilling...not as much as I hate quest though lol.
  4. Haha yea, Only the fisher was banned. Still have all the others.
  5. Well, my first 99 was range around 3-4 months ago. Got my 2nd #99 today...Defence! I've played RS since around 2000. Several banned chars later this is where i'm at. RSN was tri__m1 just changed to Pvt Pilot. BOB Some pics may be from old chars. My first char...got 99 fishing the day before RS2 officially launched. Banned at around 22M xp... Next pic is a PMOD saying that drop trading is allowed when you were able to drop trade. Old char. Another
  6. Your bank isn't very good at all, sorry. Combat stats are decent...other than that, nothing eye popping.
  7. Your sig is screwed up...well, i think it is...nobody wants to lick 10 different links. An you are on a help site that has guides that take literally 5 seconds to pull up.
  8. Oh I have played RS since the beginning. I started a couple months before Christmas when crackers where dropped. I had a pure and a main. My main eventually reach 99 fishing...then went on to gain a total of 25M fishing xp. Combat level was around 95 or so. He was banned. My pure was around lvl 85 or so...he got banned. This was around 3 years ago. I always said I wouldnt start again but...I did. Some friends gave me a couple 100k to get started and I started a new char and he reached around lvl 90 and yet again I get banned. So I would definitely quit now right? Wrong, I now have another char...Tri__m1...2 spaces. Ugh.
  9. I did it at 1 def and 1 pray. I was lvl 54 i believe. I used range on demon and it actually killed me but ghomes hit it right as i died...the guys that talk to you afterwards appeared in lumby...lol...and talked to me there.
  10. I am lvl 72. I am dming anyone under lvl 74. Rules: Melee only Lvl 30 wild No protection prayers Drag scim or long and dds(optional) Super set Same food for both people NO friend NO run/tele Ruby or Drag ammy Cash optional RSN-tri_ _m1 PM me ingame or here
  11. awesome i got 85 mining today as well. My guy is monster t. Add me if u'd like to chat sometime. I keep private on "on" unless im mining then its on "off" because friends get mad when i switch sooo much lol...Might think about p2p...idk. You get a lot more lit up rocks on p2p then f2p...but good luck!
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