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  1. If by configurator you mean mine, then I am going to update it, I've just been busy. That's it, glad you'll be updating it because it's very handy. btw Jade Golem was never in your's :)
  2. Didn't even know Tip.it had one, I've been using another since they first came out but I don't know who made it or if they will ever update it.
  3. Anyone have an updated voyage configurator? The one I use is from the initial ports and has not been updated.
  4. Hey folks, I just opened a brand new clan with a few friends. If you're looking for a fresh start or just need to get away from the larger clans the best way to do it is helping out a brand new clan. A clan were everyone knows you by name and knows you personally, not just what you are on Runescape. Of course, if you wish to remain a real life mystery that works too :P Obviously with the opening of a brand new clan I will be keeping an eye out for admins and other staff to help keep us organized and running smoothly. Come visit our recruitment topic on the RSOF for a much better detailed view of our clan or visit our clan chat 'Exceptionally' Our QFC is: 288-289-70-65251241 Thanks and enjoy!
  5. What combat style would you suggest using? I'm just going by what I hear people saying in clan chats and general public chat. I really have no idea lol I also have more than 120m that's just what I would've liked to have spent.
  6. So it's been a long time since I really trained slayer, long before EOC. I've been told I can pratically mage every task now and was just wondering if that is a decent way to go about it, not looking to be 100% efficient but I also don't want to do the opposite. If so, what's a decent gear set to buy for mage slaying? I can spend probably about 100m-120m on armour and weapons so try to keep it around that range please. Thanks.
  7. Didn't make bank but fun none the less, thanks for the trip everyone :)
  8. Just read back on all the mute and whining and stuff. yeah... lol.
  9. Think I'll start showing up to these events again, been awhile since I attended some and they were always fun :)
  10. Low-hp mage pures were the best for low lvl pvp, I remember making a new one everytime my hp got too high to be really effective lol (Not only are the gear/runes/etc.. very cheap and easy to obtain [once people get resources up and running] but they were very over-powered for their level). On another note, personally I think I will also just be doing a diy account on OSS, not interested in competing with the really efficient folks and fighting for ranks so this will be a nice challenge when bored with my main account :)
  11. Are there any estimates as to what price the armours might level off at when they finish dropping?
  12. Can't complain now that they fixed the exp rates, will put it on my list of stuff to do. lol
  13. Grats suomi on 200m hunter! Wow, just thief and farm left with farm nearly finished.
  14. To be completely honest, if you're a friend of mine or in the same clan as me you'll get a blessing from myself. If you're a stranger no matter what the circumstances you'll not get blessed. I looted plenty of graves in the day at Barrows, DKs and even KBD but never tried giving anyone their items back, if they returned and asked nicely I'd ignore them, if they got mad at me for taking their items I usually just said "Too bad" or ignored them as well. Not to be mean or anything I just don't play RS to make friends or be nice to everyone, as far as I am concerned it's a game and I don't let it go any further than that.
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