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  1. I think there's a clue in the article of week... As far as i can remember these were the articles of the week sections since they added that future to the main page. First of it was the high detail faq (no clue off course) Than it was Champion challenges: It's in the champions guild, so quite possible you'll need that quest as most big quests require the dragon slayer quest Than it was the Guild Guide: Maybe some of the skill requirements will be the same as the guild? Also: Legends Guild, Hero's Guild, Champions guild... And now it's the Temple of Ikov quest: Why would they chose this article as the article of the week.? Maybe it's just coincidence but yeah... It seems like a hint to me (sorry about some spelling/grammar mistakes (probably))
  2. Good luck with agility. A tip is to watch a video while training cause, it is possible that you will get bored :P (serious)
  3. Sorry to say so, but there's still a respawn point for the wooden shield, it's north of varrock, so until jagex removes this respawn spot, the wooden shield is NOT rare...
  4. What stunts can you do at which levels? what's the highest level stunt for both the magic, range and agility shows? Currently non member so cant check out.
  5. I think there are no bugs and you are just using the wrong method. It's quite difficult to do It's a nice idea from jagex, and it's good they try to do something else with quests (rather then: get this, deliver there, get that, use there kind of stuff) although this one is quite annoying :P
  6. Uhm that's just how it is now haha :P look at the guy his ranger boots, and then compare it with the newest picture, from the latest development diary. There's also a guy with ranger boots, This isn't new, this is how it is now
  7. Grats on 88 mining :-) Still I wonder, how can you make money with mining granite? Or am I missing something?
  8. I might join you in MTA, if I'm able to get members back :-)
  9. Hmm I think I have a problem:P Processor: Pentium 4 CPU 3.00 GHz Memory: 478Mb Ram but my graphical card :( : Chip type: Sis 661FX Rev 01 (32.0 MB) This computer could run the sims 2, and some other games, but hmm...
  10. Good tips :D but what I wonder, why do you hate kalphites? :P
  11. Reached 6 mill agility XP today :D Edit 2 sept 2008: I'll change my blog when I become member again. Probably in 2 weeks
  12. they will make a cape... the wise old man told so in the letters... also i think the next one will be in the elven lands, cause they also said the next diary would be in an area that they will give an update... and whats coming with summoning? yes indeed, an update to the elven lands, but yeah, i don't know how big this update will be, but they stated it in the bts so i think it'll be big enough...
  13. haha:D you're a clever one :D thanks for the info :D
  14. uhm, then why the item isn't in the item base? do you have any proof that this has been a drop for a long while? I also think it won't be something used for summoning, but it's strange no one noticed this item before today...
  15. I just wanted to say that i really liked this article... and it has some good points in it... An update can never be good for all players, and has to keep the game in balance... Good read, liked it :-)
  16. More like "without gaining 1exp" I'm not sure but I don't think he plays anymore. What I can't believe is that someone has gotten 200mil in Herblore. That's a skill that I would have never thought to see maxed :? Herblore is quite fast if you have an infinite amount of money... Slayer seems to be the hardest skill, which is quite logical...
  17. We won't have to wait till somebody reach 99 summoning, last time with hunter, there was a Jmod who did the first seen emote... anyway, why not just wait?
  18. hmm yeah ok but how are you going to give them for example the 100 silver ores you've mined, when there's a 3K cap?
  19. in the development diary they made a comparison with prayer... i hope it will be so F2P can summon dogs or something, but all the rest is for members... It's the same for prayer, F2P can bury bones and big bones... P2P has dragon bones, can burn them in their house, and can use the ectofunctus...
  20. where is it stated that there's a new slayer monster?
  21. i think it's a fake, the letters are a bit higher then normal i think... not sure, but such things can be easily faked...
  22. Hi, heph... I just read my whole blog... you posted quite a lot :D I missed runescape so i checked out these forums again... I really would like to play... maybe i'll become member again this afternoon... Well anyway, grats on 80 ranged, and good luck with whatever you are going to do today :D ~Fire
  23. you cant drown me in a vat of gin... I would drink it all... anyway, when most people ask something, they say fire... sometimes they say fire slayer... which annoys me, cause it's the same amount of letters, but wrong...:P
  24. I quitted... I'll do the christmas event somewhere next week though... and maybe i'll come back, once they fix most of the things...
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