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  1. It is a question of effort, not of luck. Did you think Japan was just born with a good economy? They worked their way to what they are now. All that's needed is faith, and a little cooperation, and great things are possible. It's amazingly simple. Yet you block at "Oh, well, it's not possible", there is no rational basis behind that. It is possible, the only reason it's not happening is because people believe that's it's not possible so they don't even bother trying. Smart building. Since we're talking about Japan, remember how I said 128 million people are on that tiny island? There is roughly 60M people in each of France/Italy/Germany/Uk, etc. If we could reproduce even 1/4 of the space-saving strategies of the japanese, massive amounts of agricultural-potent land would be cleared. If we started applying these techniques immediately, in a couple of decades, it would already show great results. And in the following hundred of years, a massive difference, and a flawless set-up for all centuries to come.
  2. Read on... In life there are good things, and bad things. Everyday, tons of small bad things happen to us. Sometimes it's just a bad thought, you see something you don't like, something happens, or something that's said to you. And just as well, small good things happen all the time too. Everyday, our brain processes all these things. If you dwell on the bad things, they start consuming you. You boil with rage, sadness, out of all the accumulation of bad things. And if you let it, it leads you towards destruction. Of others, or of yourself. You can let go of the bad things that happened. And you can strengthen your resolve about the things that you refuse to accept. Sometimes, people say that you must accept and embrace your situation. But that is not always good thing. When there is something you disagree with, you don't accept it! That would be defeat. You strengthen your resolve and be the change you want to see in the world. You believe and have confidence in your power. The bad memories, let them go. People who say hurtful things, their opinions do not matter. That's an important thing to remember, because it is very serious. Some people say mean discouraging things, learn not to give them any importance. You have to be stubborn. Only bother remembering and cheerishing the good memories and good ideas. And just like that, you can change your outlook on life. Changing your outlook is just the beggining. Identify the things you like, and want to do, and take action to get them. You start moving when you take actions. It is said that time changes things, things change faster when you make a move. But! There are times to take a pause, and think. And there are times to start moving and apply your ideas. Times to take a pause and think are important, you relax and you heal the past. And then there is time to take action and make something new that you like!
  3. Oh, I was told it was the aliens who created it as sort of test to see what it'd do To then of course, procceed to eat the corpses. TheTrueNoob is kinda right though. Rich countries buy stuff cheap off of poor countries. In africa, they make coffee beans grow, then the big corporations decide the price of what they will pay: something like 1 cent a ton(nah but seriously.. like 25 cent a ton). The farmers have barely enough to live. Then the companies re-sell it for major profits. Like, a coffee pot sold for 8$ cost like 1$ to them plus transportation/packaging. So the companies get richer, and the owners waste their money buying islands and building palaces on them. The consumers lose money... the poor famers lose money.. and everyone is unhappy except the corporations. Eliminate the middle-men, and everyone on the planet can afford to eat. That's what's implied when he/she blames capitalism. Sorry if you didn't catch that * :roll: * :P
  4. Please explain so this doesn't seem so disgusting. Are you joking? It's an effective way of keeping the population in check. Without AIDS, population would boom. Can you imagine more people in this planet with the food crisis we're already having? Wow, you're insane. Even with more population, people just adapt and scientists find new ingenious ways to produce food, or introduce food rations(no more obese)! That's the best way to do it. Wishing people dead because you're afraid for yourself is cheap and cowardly. Look at japan, there are more than 128 million people on that little island, do they kill each other for space and food? No, they found all sorts of clever ways to economise space and cultivate/import food, and their culture and economy is thriving, with some of the lowest criminality rates in the world. And at the rate technology is going, in a few dozen years, underwater cities, floating cities or north/south-pole heated cities, space cities, or w/e, will all be possible. Besides, adequate punishment for your cowardise is that you die from aids yourself. We'll see if you enjoy being collateral damage. -.-
  5. Skillscapes don't really show anything. I'd like to tackle that habit that people have to "worship" skillcapes, or hold them in high regards. It's a virtual game possession, like anything else. It's misplaced to give it respect or admiration. When you play Runescape, it's for fun, you ought to know what you're doing won't be useful in your life, and that you're basically just sitting on a computer and clicking. Everyone would want to play games all day long if they could. I guess what I'm trying to say is that game achievements should be "Cool, you got a 99, congratulations!", but don't start taking yourself seriously because you achieve something like that, it's still just a game! When people start being defensive, arrogant, and dead serious about game achievements, it's time to stop, take a break, and think things through. It's no coincidence that people who argue about 99s showing "skill", "talent" or "intelligence" are people who have several 99s and dedicate a lot of time to this game. Everyone would like to be able to play games all day long. If you could get a salary for playing Runescape, then everyone would play it, and everyone would have 99s. Nothing special about it. Like I said, a 99 deserves a kudos, but don't start taking yourself seriously about it. In the end, the difference between a skillcape and another, or having no skillcape, is the amount of time you are ready to put into the game. The more time you're ready to put into it... the more virtual skills and possessions you will have. That's time you will never get back though. People who play like its a job, to become the "best", and don't enjoy themselves have obviously lost sight of the point of playing: fun! And I'm not saying that because I'm jealous or w/e. I have a skillcape (thief) and some 90s+ in difficult skills (farm, craft, magic, mining, etc). And I can say: Virtual achievements in video games don't get you anywhere, don't be serious about it! Every once in while you have these people with 99 RC, 99 construction, or similar, acting like they're better than everybody else. It's like their ego is on the line all the time when talking about Runescape. That's a sign the game has taken too much place in their life when they get emotional about silly things like that. Ok, I'm done talking n__n
  6. I never really pked, I wouldn't know how it was back then. But I will say this: The PK now sucks. It's way to easy for people to run away. The 3-hit rule back in RSC was gold. You couldn't run away from a fight until the enemy had hit you 3 times. PVP characters were made to have as much power as possible, to KO their target during these 3 hits.
  7. Get 99 in a skill you really like, it doesn't matter when! People feeling obligated to get 99s as status symbols get 99s in skills they don't like, and the road to 99 can only be long and boring if you don't like the skill. It's like work, which kills the purpose of playing to begin with.
  8. Rune Armour Sets (l) Before: 147K After: 207K Big increase in that so smithers with high smithing are happy. The value of money has diminished since RSC. Getting 100k was several times harder than it is in RS2. 100k in RS2 doesn't buy you anything interesting. While in RSC, with 200k you could get a santa, or a partyhat for 1-3M. So even though the price has raised, the actual value of rune armour is a lot lower than it was. In RSC if you had 95+ smithing, you could get rich beyond belief. Now, you barely cut even.
  9. PVP is all about the KO factor. You want strength to KO your opponent before he can eat, or in a non-food duel, before he KOes you. Someone with high def in PVP can't KO the other person, so they lose.
  10. DieselX


    Jagex servers are fallible. Sometimes the lagg is due to one's computer or internet. But the jagex servers lag a lot themselves.
  11. This topic is to suggest the closing lol of this topic. Yay or nay? I vote nay. This topic should remain open for further voting to adequately decide if the suggestion of closing it is valid.
  12. But let's pretend it happens. How can we know it was really really 5% chance of happening? Maybe it was 86%, or 1% or 38349384903%. But it happened, so it's the same as if it had a 100% chance of happening. Meaning that something either happens or doesn't happen, statistics don't werk ^___~
  13. Because some random shadowy website says so doesn't make it truth, or relevant in any way. Tip.it is the best fansite information-wise, community-wise, not so much.
  14. Yep, that's basically what RS is. People start really wanting something, they get it, realize it's not that great, then run after the next whim.
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