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With technological advancements in lab-testing procedures, new information has begun to surface. A new lab test, known as "ORAC value", has Enhanceed bring theories to true scientific validation. One recent discovery is that CoQ10 is not an antioxidant as many of us have been led to believe, but a pro-oxidant. As a pro-oxidant, CoQ10 adds oxygen to the blood, thus extending the life of the cells. CoQ10 carries oxygen to the cells to produce ATP, which powers the mitochondria at the cellular level. This is one of the main reasons why CoQ10 is so great for the heart.






eaq10 olympian labs =D>

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This has nothing to do with Runescape.








[spoiler=Stats:]Updated December 22, 2011:


Total level - 1442 - 170M+ XP , Combat level - 115

Combat skills: Attack - 90, Defence - 99 (24.45m+ XP), Strength - 90, Constitution - 99 (16.42M+ XP) Ranged - 99 (13.32M+ XP), Prayer - 60, Magic - 99 (13.25M+ XP)

Non-Combat skills: Cooking - 99 (13.80M+ XP), Woodcutting - 99 (31.95M+ XP), Fishing - 90, Firemaking - 99 (24.82M+), Crafting - 90, Smithing - 90, Mining - 85, Runecrafting - 60, Dungeoneering - 85


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