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  1. Loot from dxpw Also got 120 firemaking a day ago. Guess how many skill pets I got? Go on, guess. Edit: Didn't get my venasaur but at least I got something this weekend :D
  2. Ready for dxp. Hope I catch myself a venusaur. Since the release of skill pets I've gone from 110-113 firemaking, haven't gotten Bernie Sanders yet
  3. Here's what one Jmod has said, From that I would guess that the more 'gold' rated kills you have in a streak, the better.
  4. Apparently you need to chain a ton of kills past 100% enrage to even have a prayer of getting one of these items. A real shame, the boss itself is less complex than araxxor, but with this stupid loot mechanic it ends up being 10 times more stressful if you want anything worthwhile. The regular drops are meh as expected.
  5. So I've been doing Zaros GWD2 all week and I've gotten nothing but chickens. Spent all day yesterday then I finally got a lance drop on the last trip before bed. Today... Zaros has rewarded me for my perseverance. Still no pet which is what I am mainly after, but I can't complain :-D
  6. The Seren luck continues I swear Seren wants me to convert from Zarosian. 6 crests and 3 wands in 680 kills, now this. Meanwhile only 1 crest + 1 lance in 500 Zaros kills
  7. I hope so. As it seems to be Jagex's sole venture right now, they will probably do everything in their power to keep it afloat. The news of them possibly selling out to a Chinese company doesn't bode well. I still remember what NCSoft did to City of Heroes, the only other game I remember with some nostalgia besides RS.
  8. 26 in 2 weeks. Been playing RS since middle school. I wonder how much longer this game can last?
  9. Mind you, they are probably only that low because few people are using refined. In ~300 kills on both Vindicta and Twin Furies I've only managed to collect 5 essences from each. Compare that to RotS and Vorago where everybody gets 1-2 malevolent/tectonic energies each run...
  10. Just bought myself the zaros top and bottom. I didn't realize that you needed 5 of EACH essence to charge them. I mean damn, if it's that expensive, you might as well go for broke and just get malevolent. Oh well the uncharged version will be nice for slayer
  11. Passed 1b networth for the first time. Feels good man
  12. That is a really stupid thing for the player character to be surprised about, considering there is a quest that requires you to gender bend if you are male. Seriously, with the makeover mage being a thing changing race and gender in Gilenor is like putting on a new hat.
  13. Honestly if they just added ava's alterter function to the max cape I wouldn't give half a damn about getting the comp cape back asap.
  14. Ah, well that makes sense, the wiki didn't mention that at the time. Still annoyed that we can't have any level 90 armor for keeps (barring shields and uber expensive dyed versions)
  15. >the new boots degrade to nothing *sigh* seriously? Can we please stop with this crap?
  16. Oh, cool pose with those kata- OH, damn that looks like it hurts.
  17. They said they wouldn't improve the drop rate cause they're scared trimmed Compers will have a [bleep]fit if they do. I really wish they would dump this mentality. I spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours getting 99 runecrafting, then they released runespan, and suddenly I went from being in a somewhat elite class of less than 1000 players (at the time I got it anyway) to having a very common cape. Did I [bleep]? No. Why are compers so important that they have to leave horrible content the way it is, just for them? A good rule of thumb I'd like to see them adopt: If it wasn't for compers, would anyone even bother doing this content? If the answer is no, then something needs to change.
  18. Yes, the point is it doesn't work as a BoB that is immune to corp's familiar devour anymore. Is it still immune to Araxxor's swipe? I imagine that would take longer to fix, since you'd need to give the thing a health bar.
  19. *68m rsgp And I didn't get it just for the BoB feature
  20. Just got home and went to corpy, he ate my drake. <_<
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