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I'm level 73 Slayer with 111 Combat. I'm wondering if I should stick with Sumona, and know I can kill every task, or change to duradel and have to cancel the task of terrorbirds every so often...What would be more efficent.

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I use Sumona, and I'm 132 combat ::'.




It all depends on your taste. Just compare the lists of tasks the two give and decide the ones you like best. Duradel has some tasks I don't really enjoy (Goraks, Terrorbirds, Wyverns, Steel/Mith Dragons, Suqahs, Infernal Mages...). I also like shorter tasks, but more variety. Also, Sumona gives tasks I can handle easily in one go. And to top it off, I like combining Slayer with Herblore and Farming, and Sumona gives good herb/seed droppers.

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Terrorbirds are really not that bad if you wear earmuffs, if you are still getting hit too much then just range pray.




The only task I have permentley skipped are Skelly Wyverns. All the others are bearable.


Trust the Gene Genie!

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