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[DONE] Fistandantilus

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Here is a transpired picture of Fistandantilus since there isn't one in the Bestiary guide.












(sorry if it's not the right size not sure what sure what it is for this.)


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Bestiary pics normally get a 1-pixel black outline on them. I'm betting the crew has this in their extensive queue of "things to do". However, in the absence of any pic I've uploaded yours and credited you. If another user submits a better pic or someone gets around to making the outline pic, that's also great and we'll be happy to upload it. :)




Thanks very much for the pic!


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Here is the pic with the outline.






Thanks Jason321 for the sig!^


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Drops: 2x D Chain, 1x D Legs, 2x D Left Half, 1x D spear, 2x D med (monsters), 5x D Med (Barrows), 4x D Axe, 2x Zerker, Abyssal whip x1, 7x D Boots

Barrows items: 55 (not counting the meds)

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