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Fastest 70m?


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Ive decided to save up for full bandos (godsword chestplate and tassets) along with some other stuff. I calculated it will cost about 60m. I would like to have 10m left afterwards. What would be the fastest way to make all this money with these stats:






Note: I realize this will take a very, very long time. I have 5.4m to spend. I will get up levels to whatever is specified. Any tips/advice would be much appreciated. ::'






Please note I have posted this before. I got 4 responces, and only 1 was on topic. PLEASE do not tell me that "Im not good enough for a BGS" Or anything similar.


Please keep responces on topic and about good ways to get me money (sorry if that sounds a little greedy, but I was quite frustrated when people were going off topic.)











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I would get your Runecrafting up 2 more levels so you can craft Law Runes.




Then just make law runes non-stop. Very tedious, but runecrafting is a pretty good moneymaker. Laws sell for more money than death runes or blood runes.

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Train your runecrafting. It's great cash. Just go 54-65 laws, 65-75 deaths, 75-91 zmi, and see how much you got by then. If it isn't enough, just craft nats with a Graahk from there until you have however much cash you want!




It may not be the fastest or easiest method to get to your full bandos, but 91 runecrafting will stick with your account forever and give you access to the game's best consistent moneymaker whenever you want it.

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Making tele-tabs: >300k/hour


Spend a few mil on construction, then make B2P-tabs: >700k/hour




Depends on how good you are at making tabs. You should be able to make at LEAST 800 of them an hour if you don't get distracted, and cancel the animation at the right moment. How much profit depends on G/E prices at the moment. Don't get impatient if they don't sell immediately - it could take a few hours to sell, but they *will* sell within a day. (Depending on how many you sell at a time.)




EDIT: Oh, and free magic exp.

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id just train for gwd, i dont know if its just me or what, but i would never beable to make 70m just rcing or tab making...




best gwd money: sara gwd>arma>bandos=zammy, bandos harder to get world, zammy hard to get team




ps: dfs+whip is better than bandos godsword in almost all cases, except boss hunting pritty much



XBL gamertag: SeismicTriangle

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