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Xbow questions


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Well I'm planning on getting 61 range (just 1 more level >.<) and finally getting to use the Rune Xbow I hear about so much. But is it really better than a bow and arrow? Also what ammo should I use with the Rune Xbow, I want the cheapest but good bolt, and the strongest and fairly price bolt for me. I plan on going at Barrows once I get the suffiecient Slayer level, What bolts should I use there?

Wongton is better than me in anyway~~



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The rune xbow is amazing for monster killing because of its power and use of a shield spot (zammy book, anti-shield, etc). It is not good for training, though, stick with mage short or whatever for training. On monsters, for low price start with emerald bolts (e) to poison a monster, and then switch to mithril. For higher price (metal drags and such), still start by poisoning with emerald (e), then ruby (e) spec to hit em hard (i only use this on steel), and finally use some diamond (e) for cosisitent high hits. While barrowing, I suggest just emerald (e), dont bring mith because you will waste invy space. Also, an essential item is the bolt pouch, it can hold up to 255ea of 4 different types of bolts. I hope I helped, have fun with the Rune XBOW ::'

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Use broad bolts unless you are monster hunting of some sort, then use Diamond (e) bolts. Rune C'bow is simply the best and most versatile ranged weapon, far superior to the msb.

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Where can I get a bolt Pouch?




EDIT: Also how should I get broad Bolts, of Slayer Masters?




Bolt pouches are gotten from some guy in Keldagrim, I forget who, but you can probably look it up in the kb. Unlocking the ability to make broad bolts is useful, because then they are extremely cheap.

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the power of the rune xbow lies also in the different abilities of the enchanted bolts...with ruby your spec can go up to 51 depending on the hitpoints of the monster you are killing making it suitable for boss hunting...diamond is great and is really the verac version of range, hitting through the defense of monsters such as metal drags when it specs which is more often than ruby...emerald poisons the enemy...pretty good but i prefer ruby and diamond although they are more expensive...

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