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  1. Whenever I think of Runescape I like to check in here to see if some of the old people I know still play or are active.
  2. Pfft I liked Wongton before it was cool.
  3. I need to get to lv.70 construction for Void Stares Back. I have lv.56 construction and up to 5m maximum to spend on it. Any suggestions on how to get to that level fast?
  4. I promised myself I'll play during vacation when school wasn't an issue. Well it's vacation and I'm back till spring semester begins :D
  5. Wizz


    I also change my Avatar and Signature every week/fortnight too. Just chill'n home. got today and Wednesday off. Every fortnight? Hell I don't even change my pants that many times.
  6. Ding Ding Ding Ding Thank you so very much!
  7. I'm looking for this band/group that remakes mainstream/popular music into purely instruments with no lyrics. I think they had orchestra in their name. Thanks in advance Tip.it.
  8. That's awesome! I'm going to do that to someone...eventually...lol. I took a screenshot of my roomies computer desktop and made it the background. Then I hid the taskbar and all the icons.
  9. Wizz

    I AM thread

    I am not bumping this.
  10. Listened to the whole "Out of the Blue" album by Electric Light Orchestra
  11. Wizz


    Class got cancelled so I just sat around and finished 2 weeks of online homework.
  12. Wizz

    Pstt you are not 29 like in your about me page.

  13. Are the barbell exercise incline or decline? Or do you alternate between sets?
  14. I found it ironic that they are tweeting it from a Mac. Oh Westboro, you lunatics you.
  15. Thats great. But this is more suited here. But besides that this work out does seem well for mostly upperbody and one who is... not heavy?
  16. When Racheya joined Tip.it but before she became a mod, her Signature always creeped me out. The little girls with frilly dresses still do but her current one not as much.
  17. Wizz

    Tattoo general

    Hm what do you mean exactly? Do you go to one parlour, get them to sketch it up for you, take said sketch, go to another parlour and have them tweak it? Sounds like that'd just become some sort of mish-mash of different styles. Not hatin', just don't understand the point of it. If you go to a good tattooist whose work you really like you shouldn't have to visit another tattooist with that sketch. If you're not a fan of the initial sketch, have the tattooist tweak it. I probably misunderstood though. Also Ondrash is amazing. If I had one extra arm I'd totally give him complete artistic freedom to do whatever he wants on it. I tell them the idea, they draw the idea. I take what I like and add to my sketch, they never see my sketch at all. It's only been four though, once I am satisfied with my sketch I will show it to the one I think is best and see if he/she would do the tattoo. I just don't want to enter the first parlour I see and get it there, I am sampling people's style and whoever style I use the most in my sketch is the winner.
  18. Someone did that with a pound coin before. Little did they know, I had a chisel on me at the time. BUT DID YOU HAVE A HAMMER?!
  19. Wizz

    Tattoo general

    What I really shun about tattoos are names. I think you should only get a persons name as a tatt is 1. They are dead (Dead friend, spouse, child, partner) 2. It's a family member (Yes mom or something) Those are the only two reasons in my book you should do that. If you get your girlfriends name, and in 6 months she breaks up with you though [cabbage]. I'm still working on mine, going parlour to parlour always improving my sketches for it.
  20. I superglued a quarter to the seat of a balcony at my University. It's still there after almost a year.
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