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  1. while i agree fully with the article i feel that there is no need for us to always play "scientifically" for a few reasons. firstly like what someone has said earlier, we want to do what we enjoy and some of us play games to escape from all these math/science calculations. secondly, for example if the scientific method says that killing dust devils are the fastest way to train, it is going to get incredibly boring if we stuck to the "scientific" method from level 70 or 80 all the way till 99 just to be efficient. in fact a bit of change here and there will motivate one to continue training in comparison to killing the same monster at the same place with the same equipments and same inventory over and over again. that said one should never be foolish when training and attempt to cut normal logs all the way to 99, kill chickens all the way to 99 or mine rune all the way to 99 either. i feel that there should be a balance between using the scientific method as well as variety (or the method you enjoy). that is the way i have been playing all this while and i think most people would inevitably follow this method too to achieve a balance between grinding and enjoyment. i do admit i usually have a calculator beside me while playing and currently while training cooking i do check the grand exchange regularly to calculate the price difference between raw and cooked fish as well as the exp each type of fish gives but i only do such calculations when a particular skill is 90+ and i plan to rush it to 99.
  2. too much generalisation here really...doing something continually for many hours each day signals to other people that you are passionate about whatever you are doing...look at the top sportsmen, scientists, chefs, singers, musicians, actors etc. all these people spend hours daily doing something repeatedly over and over again for practice makes perfect. but no one calls them nerds...no no they are...professionals. but when gamers spend hours in front of their computers...NERDS. perhaps this is because gaming is seen as rather unproductive and useless in life but everyone of us should be entitled to do what we really enjoy...life is just too short and all of us only live it once so why should we live our lives the way others want us to? do what you love doing and be passionate about it... i have been called nerd quite a few times especially at mini games such as castle war and stealing creation maybe due to my high combat and non-combat skill levels but whenever someone calls me that, i always ignore them and sometimes i do feel that low level players have no determination to train...they get tired of training easily and distracted by all the many things in runescape. that is why many of the high level players are actually quite old. for myself i do definitely have a life outside rs and force myself to stop playing rs whenever there is an upcoming exam or when life gets busy so to sum it all up saying that high levels are nerds is similar to saying that all low levels are immature, rude players...another bad case of generalisation.
  3. while i agree zezima has been famous for the longest period, my true idol will still be n0valyfe cause during his last days playing RS, he played it for a specific goal: getting #1 and once he achieved that goal, he knew that he had made it to the top and quit RS soon after to go on to other things in real life...he was a really focused person because he actually started much later than most people and only played for about 3 years to get to #1. and when he got there he did not cling on to the game just for the fame and glory but, knowing he had achieved the (almost ultimate) goal he had set for himself, went on to persue other things. i will always remember him even though he probably doesn't even know me >.< oh and tip.it did have an interview with him before...a very eye-opening one (and it has his bank pic in it too!)
  4. perhaps jagex should give some untradable but powerful weapon to people who get 99 in combat stats....personally i would prefer that over the skill cape although the capes do look good it is rather pathetic that the best non-degradable weapon (godsword) requires only level 75 to wield especially if you look at the amount of experience required to reach level 75 compared with 99. if pkers especially pures complain that this is unfair perhaps jagex can ensure that the weapons are only used against monsters and not players. i would like to see a weapon that can hit 60 or 70+ consistently with 99 attack and strength and it would be good if such weapons were only used against monsters + they are untradable because being untradable will allow everyone who gets to a certain combat level or 99 in a combat skill to get their hands on one instead of allowing only the rich to have them. at the same time the prices of weapons such as godswords will not fall too heavily if these new weapons cannot be used in PvP. of course in order for the prices of the other weapons not to drop too steeply the requirements for getting these powerful weapons must be set much higher such as 99 in attack strength and def at least (which imo is achievable for most people). following the assumption that most people who have maxed out combat will not be training much anymore unless they are doing slayer (so perhaps there should be a slayer requirement too), the introduction of these weapons will not result in lower levels being at too much a disadvantage while training on monsters such as yaks, fire giants, dust devils etc.
  5. won't be getting members this year since i'll be pretty busy so i hope to get some of my f2p skills 90+ mainly: firemaking, mining...cause these skills can be trained equally fast in f2p or p2p...and probably 99 mage, 99 cooking and right now im aiming for 86 con =) should get it by this week
  6. i like the castle war bracelet quite a lot...not sure about this but i don't think many people use it...very useful for getting back your flag and the bandages u use will heal 50% more which is very significant... another item is the granite shield...although it is heavy you wouldn't be running about too much during combat and it gives the exact same def bonus as an obby shield just no strength bonus but the good thing is that it cost so much less than an obby shield...like 1/3 or 1/4 the price even :roll: other items include crystal shield and dragon square. crystal bow is not that underrated actually...i always buy like 3-4 each time i get members and bring it along whenever i castlewar...although i admit it is an expensive way to train range but good for dishing out high damage =)
  7. from my point of view, RS would have died if jagex imposed those trade restrictions, took away dueling and wildy if not for the fact that they replaced them with other fantastic stuff such as PvP worlds, stealing creation, bh, cw etc. there are certainly some draw backs from the trade restrictions such as people including myself having to spend hours collecting junk in order to sell d claws without getting ourselves ripped off by the ge. also it is incredibly weird to have the game value an item such as blue partyhat at 300+ million and 10 gp at the same time...so i do agree that some aspects of this game can do with improvements. however overall jagex has been doing a relatively good job to update the game as frequently as possible and it is the novelty which keeps people interested and attracts new people into the game so no, this game is not going to die anytime soon in the near future. that said the number of people playing has indeed seem to drop....i remember that it was quite common to see 200+k people playing during the peak hours but i have yet to see that figure for quite a while now...
  8. most people who post obviously did not look at that guy's stats but just went on to spurt all kinds of nonsense from their mouth...might as well tell him to approach jagex to put some charms in his bank assuming he was andrew gower the same way you guys assume he can cast barrage or effectively kill waterfiends :roll:
  9. barrows is best of defense...if you can afford dragon you are much better off buying bandos...people use the dragon plate as junk items to trade d claws...if you want to buy some junk...go for dragon :roll:
  10. the d plate has NEVER had any attack bonuses since the day it was released...probably some geniuses trying to price manipulate and get people to buy d plates after the plates started tanking heavily... :roll: no idea where the hell they got this piece of information from...and since it has already been confirmed that the d plate does not give any attack bonuses and is in fact a pretty worthless item (besides for looks and even then bandos is much nicer) you guys should update the "did you know" section instead of misleading people who read it. well this is truly one "did you know" that no one knows about...not even jagex knows this i bet :roll:
  11. try not to generalise too much...that is being immature too :roll: if you ask me everywhere you go be it RS, WOW, real life, etc there will always be kind people and well the "not-so-nice" people. i've seen players who blessed my grave for no reason and thus prevented me from losing a few million. i've also seen team mates at gwd refuse to bless the grave of another team mate just to watch them lose their guthan spear :roll: personally i got to admit sometimes i'm nice and sometimes i'm not...it just depends on my mood really....so i guess luck was not on your side this day. and you should learn from your mistake and bring ring of life, 1 click teletab and food in future. anyway 100k is a tiny amount, believe me :lol: even if i lose 1 million i wouldn't bat an eyelid #-o
  12. nope i got claws yesterday, went do duel arena and managed to hit close to 90 in a single spec...above 80 definitely...lmao it was an extremely lucky drop...i fought a TD till it was half health then teled....and when i came back i saw someone at my spot and drag claws on the floor and was like OMFG \ imagine if i didn't come back...40-50m gone and yes it is definitely better than dds...not only does it have higher attack and str bonus even with dds + rune defender but when u release the spec it hits 8 times in 2 hits which is twice as fast as that of dds...i've owned this guy lvl 122 in void melee with ags every single time we dueled for around 5 times i think...and he didn't even get close to hitting me to half life cause before he could release his 2 ags specs i already released both my specs and KOed him. gf
  13. i liked the last part of the article about how magic can really make things go so much faster for you...and now with summoning things are even faster as well ^^ magic goes well with both range and melee actually not just melee...very potent combination and i once aimed for 99 def, 99 range, 99 magic but with all the powerful melee stuff coming out...>.< the best way for mages to kill would be to use an ice spell so that warriors wouldn't be able to touch us doing away with the need for any defense...and if a ranger comes i suggest switching gear to either range or melee...anyway most people do hybrid most of the time. oh may i add also that stealing creation is quite a good way to train mixed with lots of fun as well...was shadow/ice barraging camping outside the enemy base for practically every game
  14. i seem to mine iron ore much slower using the morphic pick though...
  15. i stick to runescape for the simple reason that it is one of the few games or should i say only game that it not all about combat or like 90% combat >.< playing stuff like granado espada hellgate is mainly all about fighting and gets boring after a while but in runescape there are so many other things to do ^^
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