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6m...need 9m.


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The 6m i have is from...well stuff I had from 2 years ago that I don't need now that i sold on ge. I've been slaying greens, but revenants are annoying (I miss the pk'rs, more predictable). I also did some fishing, but thats slow compared to greens, and pure essence using mage guild, but for the 3h i ground out with it, I only ended up with ~260k.


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Even with barrows, I'm not quite sure where/what I can do to keep my gold upkeep higher than the cost of them. Eventually I'd like to be a xx millionaire, not an x millionaire ;)






Its like like a few k an hour that it would cost you to fix them would make you go broke. Theres many ways you can make 200k or more an hour with minimal effort. Barrows is by far the best armor in the game

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