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~*Medi's Blog*~ The life of a maxed F2Per. 120 Runecrafting, 1.6b XP - halfway to 200m all F2P!

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[hide=Intro]Hey I'm Medieval Kid, I've been playing RuneScape on and off for quite a number of years, since 2002. In my spare time I like reading, hanging with friends (be it online, or irl), always listening to music :), playing/watching sports (Soccer being my favourite to play, and Hockey to watch. Afterall.. I am Canadian, eh!), and of course RuneScape :thumbsup: . Anyway on to the good stuff.[/hide]

[hide=Most Recent Level] 120 RuneCrafting!


This level up makes half of my skills officially 100m+ XP, or 120+ by virtual levels! [/hide]

[hide=A brief History]As per my good friend Eyebeam's request to talk more about my days in RuneScape, I decided to add this section, I will continuously add things to it as I find it necessary or more things that belong into my history apply. Don't feel obligated to read this, as it is fairly lengthy, and contains a lot of information.


I guess i'll start off with none other then when I started playing RuneScape. I started back in mid - late 2002 as I remember it, being in Junior High School (grades 7-9) back in the days of RuneScape Classic. Before I even got off tutorial island, I was stuck. I got to the part where they explained about pking and the wildy, and I didn't know how to move on (I didn't see the blue text options above). I logged out at that point and asked my friend at school the next day ><. Finally made it to the mainland, where the fun, a new world began.

Well.. I remember being very nooby back then, I was lost, had no idea what I was doing like most new players. I was wondering somewhere between Lumbridge and Varrock, some Random guy traded me a Strength Amulet, Mithril Square, and about 5k in cash. I was so happy, it was more then I had ever had at the time, I couldn't even wield it yet :cry:. I was training at the goblins house one day, I remember that oh so well (where I leveled for top 200 f2p list rank ;)) I met another new player, Wakawakaman0 who became my first, and longest known friend. As my Rsc days went on, I met more people, most of them come and gone, one that stayed, was one of the first to play the game, Drakar3201. He became my biggest business partner, as soon as I was 40 crafting, all I would do was mine silver for him, trading silver certs for cash. Here comes my noobishness again.. I became his biggest Silver dealer, he offered me a chance to take 200 Silver certs per Santa Hat, as often as I wanted. (Yes I was too much of a noob and I missed the Christmas drop) Anyways, I decided cash would be worth more to me then a silly little Santa Hat, so I just traded in 200 silver certs for cash instead #-o. My biggest regret to this day. I didn't purchase my first Santa hat until sometime in Rs2. While Mining Silver, I met another guy, Ouizardus, we got talking and eventually became the best of friends, (both still f2p to this day) and me and him became Drakar's biggest sellers. He was smarter then me, he stocked up on the rares. To think, Ernest the Chickens 300 gp reward was a lot to me at one point :roll:. My greatest achievement in the old days, was getting into the mining guild, it used to be pretty empty back then, my only skill to reach 60 before Rs2. Back then I was weird, I collected every colour of cape, just cause it looked cool (what a waste of bank space). Until the most faithful day when I got scammed out of all my pretty capes (which I kept with me always :-s) The guy told me he was going to let his brother on his account or something, and didn't trust him with his r2h, so he wanted to trade me it to hold for him, but first I had to give him something, I gave him my capes and he logged :lol:. Was training on the black knights at the time, white knights were my favourite, 99 Xp a kill (yes it was like slayer). I think that was the last thing I was doing before the end of my Rsc days. I remember never reaching 1mil cash in Rsc, or reaching 1mil in any skills. In fact, I had barely topped 1mil total Xp by the time Rs2 rolled around. Nearing the end of Rsc I had just finished my last quest, Dragon Slayer. I was 54 combat by the end of Rsc, full rune, and maybe 300k? I felt rich. When Rs2 rolled around I had 1 more quest to do, the one they added in for the new skill of Runecrafting. I don't really recall too much more "little stuff" from my days in Rsc, seeing as I was a noob and didn't know anything most of the time. I could talk about some of the history of RuneScape, but the things like "mass bans", and "The Blackhole" don't really pertain to me, so I don't think they belong here, however if anyone would like information I could fill them in as best I can.The jump from Rsc - Rs2 got me 2 combat levels, as they changed the combat formula. Which brings me to the end of Rsc, and on to Rs2.

...Will work on this next, long paragraph, sometime in the future.[/hide]

[hide=Stats]Stats at the start of the blog:


Current Stats:


Oldest Stat pic available:


Stats at the start of Virtual Leveling:



[hide=Goals]Total Level Goals:

Maxed Total level in F2P!

Current Skill Goals:

Maxed Total level in F2P!

Achieved Goals:

Achieved 01/12/08


Achieved 03/17/08


Achieved 11/18/08


Achieved 11/18/08


Achieved 11/18/08


Achieved 01/26/09


Achieved 03/18/09


Achieved 04/13/09


Achieved 07/12/09


Achieved 08/22/09


Achieved 09/20/09


Achieved 04/18/10


Achieved 06/12/10


Achieved 11/16/10


Achieved 04/30/11


Achieved 07/21/11


Achieved 07/21/11


Achieved 07/21/11


Achieved 04/28/12


Achieved 07/14/12


Achieved 12/29/12


Achieved 07/17/14



[hide=Bank Pics]Bank Pics from Dec 10/08.

Bank Pic

BoB (Best of Bank)


End of 2009 Best of Bank


End of 2010 Best of Bank

I took this particular picture a little earlier, because I wanted the picture before I started burying the big bones. I sold one of my Santa's in the quest for 95 Pray, (Which will be the result of burying all the big bones in the pic).

End of 2011 Best of Bank

End of 2012 Best of Bank!

Unfortunately this year's BoB pic came about a month late.. thanks in part to me getting the blue screen of death. Better late than never!

End of 2013 Best of Bank!


Posted late once again.. in part due to the Dungeoneering binge I've been on! The picture was taken in January, but not posted until February!

End of 2014 Best of Bank

No Pic Available

End of 2015 Best of Bank


Finally a bank pic posted on time! The Black Santa Hat has really inflated my bank. Although it's been 2 years since my last bank pic, the BSH is 864m GE price, and I only paid 230m for it! Getting ever closer to 2.147B. [/hide]

[hide=Achieved Total Level goals]1000 Total level


Achieved the almighty 1k total level using my first favourite skill to do it, I remember I was training combat at the time, but had to get my 1k total with mining. Got it not to long after slayer came out.

1100 Total level


Ahh yes, this was 1.1k total was achieved with my current favourite skill Wcing =D. Its been my favourite skill since I started cutting past 80. Naturally it became my first 99 ;-).

1111 Total level


Not necessarily a milestone per say, but it is a cool level to have, I decided to get it with Prayer as it was my lowest level at the time (was to stubborn to buy bones :lol:). I quit for a good 6+ months not to long after this before coming back to RuneScape.

1200 Total level


For this level I didn't really have a big party, although I should of, I got it with 85 Smithing so I could finally do Rune, as I remember it not many people were online =(.

1234 Total level


I thought this was a cool level, counting up from 1. As a bonus I got 101 combat, and a Rune Square drop :thumbsup:.

1250 Total level


I liked this level the most since 1000 total level, I am wierd like that, since the number "250" is exactly 1/4th of 1000, I liked it. Call me crazy, but I just have a thing for certain numbers.

1300 Total level


This was a great achievement, its the second last multiple of 100 before maxing (again with the numbers =P). I got it with 90 Strength, which was an important level, not only did I get it on my longest known RuneScape friend, but it was also the level making over half my skills 90+.

1337 Total level


This is a cool level, not only did I get it with 99 Fishing, but its 1337 total ;-), Leet ftw? Haha got to love this level in F2P!

1359 Total level


Finally! 90 average (15 X 90 = 1350 + 9 members stats = 1359) Skill 90 average finally achieved!

1400 Total level


A great achievement not 100 Pure F2P have reached this yet (at time of post) 94 Levels until maxing!

1500 Total level


With the release of Duneoneering I was able to get 1500 total as a f2p player ;)

1600 Total level


Thanks to Dungeoneering going to 120, instead of the typical 99, it's also possible to reach 1600 total in f2p! Just a few days before the New year as well.. Dec 29th ;).

1615 Total level - Maxed f2p!



120 Dungeoneering.. Maxed F2p! This was achieved on July 12th 2014! I imagine max total level will change as the game changes, (if only 1616 with a new members skill) but this is when I finally can lay claim to Maxed levels in F2p!


[hide=My 99's]99 Woodcutting: Medieval_Kid.png

No pics available.. Forgot to take it #-o

99 Firemaking: Medieval_Kid.png

Again no pics available.. Comp crashed before I could save the pic #-o

99 Cooking: Medieval_Kid.png



Hmm.. I was kind of late on the picture here.. I missed most of the Congrats =(. Oh well I'm still glad I got it. Most Cooking Xp gained in one day trying to reach 99: ~2.7M.

99 Fishing: Medieval_Kid.png



W00t 99 Fishing, 1337 total level! I got some of the Congrats in this pic =). Got this and Cooking in 1-1 1/2 months (Both from 90) Most Fishing Xp gained in one day trying to reach 99: ~830k.

99 Magic: Medieval_Kid.png



99 Magic! My 5th 99 1/3 stats are now 99! Took me awhile to get this but I finally got it. (High alched a wooden shield for 99) =)

99 Smithing: Medieval_Kid.png



99 Smithing! 6th 99! Spent 15mil alone from 97-99, the second Pic obviously isn't the second one, but I missed it with all that was going on, so this will have to do =p.

99 Ranged: Medieval_Kid.png



99 Ranged! 7th 99! Was somewhat late in the Pic seeing as I didn't do any damage on my first hit, I got it with 2 friends Qaz Calvin, and Eds119 Congrats to the both of you! 99's FTW!

99 Crafting:Medieval_Kid.png



99 Crafting! 8th 99! Special thanks to Gp Hero for supplying the Diamond to cut for 99 =).
Mixed in with this and Ranging I finally got it. Making at least 50% of my skills 99! Congrats on Gp Hero and Darth Cow333 also achieving 99 Firemaking along with my Craft.

99 Mining: Medieval_Kid.png




I had to get 3 pictures because most people gave me congrats before I even got the ore, and I apologize for the size/quality of them as well, as I had to take the pictures off of a video file, lol. 9th 99, 99 Mining! The second half was pretty much all on coal in the mining guild (while superheating runite bars) but I just had to get it in the same place I got my 1k total level! 6 99's to go! (and a 120 =p)

99 Hitpoints [Constitution]: Medieval_Kid.png



Didn't particularly want to have a big party for this, just wanted to get it with my gf =]. I did have a few friends come by after to give me a quick grats with the second screenie though. 10th 99's at last!

99 Prayer: Medieval_Kid.png



Thanks for this one Ally <3

11th 99! Definitely a major achievement in f2p. I'm glad to have finally got this 99 done with! A little under 870k Big bones needed to be buried from 1-99.

99 Attack:Medieval_Kid.png



12th 99, Got this one on my friend Naclh2o1. Thanks Nac!

99 Strength:Medieval_Kid.png



13th 99, Got this one on my friend Maniac. Thanks nub!

99 Defence:Medieval_Kid.png



14th 99, Got this one on my friend Ir0sh. Thanks Rishii!

99 Dungeoneering: Medieval_Kid.png



15th 99, Originally planned to get 99 Rc first, but decided in the end to save the hardest as my last 99!

99 RuneCrafting: Medieval_Kid.png



16th and final 99! It took a long time and a lot of in game time to reach, but I've finally gotten all f2p 99s!

[hide=Not a 99, but still max level in Dungeoneering] 120 Dungeoneering: Medieval_Kid.png


My picture of maxing!

Thank's Gp Hero - My picture wasn't that great!

A picture of some of the chat - Too bad I couldn't get everyone's message!

Last but not least.. The 120 Cape thanks to the beta (120 Dg just a couple days before Legacy was released!)

120 Dungeoneering! At long last I've reached my goal of maxing F2P! This was achieved on July 12th 2014.[/hide]


[hide=200Mil Xp Pics]

200Mil Smithing - Achieved April 6th 2013


A pic taken by me just after getting 200Mil Smith xp, I made well over 700k Rune 2hers getting this.. Thanks to everyone who was able to make it!


This one was taken by my friend at my 200Mil Smith party. Thanks Slayas =)


This one I took at the same time I got 200Mil Smith to display/show where I would be in the rankings seeing as F2p isn't on highscores. With inactive accounts/other f2pers with 200M Smith I would figure my Rank closer to 40.

200M Cooking - Achieved September 29th 2013



Unlike my 200M Smithing party, I decided to keep this one pretty small.. why? I'm not sure, too partied out from the last one I suppose? :P This was a long time coming, as I hadn't had much time to play.. but finally my 2nd 200M achieved! Most of the xp (from level 99 - 150M XP) came from cooking Swordfish, however some also came from doing Lobsters with urns (150M XP - 200M XP), or other random cooking items. 


I didn't quite get everyone's grats message in the first pic, so that's where this one came in.

200M Dungeoneering - Achieved February 21st 2015



I got this during Bonus Xp Weekend, thanks for those who came! (Sorry for making you all xp waste for a few mins! :P). Thanks for the 2nd pic Sharps! I'm going to miss Dungeoneering, I had a lot of fun getting this 200m as I learned to love it!

200M Fishing - Achieved September 6th 2015


It took me almost 5 months to do this averaging close to 1m xp/day from 60Mil Xp. I always kind of wanted this 200m, I remember being a nooby (back when I was working on 20M Fishing xp years ago) thinking that I could see myself going for 200m one day. Back then there were no urns or action bar (having to drop all fish manually) and the highest Fishing XP in F2P was around 60mil. I was thinking maybe I could be number 1 (in F2P) to make it to 200m. I never actively went for this goal until earlier this year however, and 2 other F2Per's beat me to the punch. Nevertheless I'm glad to have been able to make it as the 3rd player to reach this goal. I'd also like to give a grats to my friend Atticusbird who got 120 Magic along side my 200M Fishing Xp.


[hide=Top 250 F2p Pics]Top 200 F2p List achieved Saturday 09/27/08 (before list was top 250)


Top 150 F2p achieved Saturday 12/07/08


Top 100 F2p achieved Friday 07/10/09


My Rank upon reaching 1Bil total xp


Stats at 1.6B Total xp (halfway to 200M all)




[hide=Random Achievements]
[hide=Dungeoneering Achievements]
[hide=Dungeoneering XP records]

#1 Recorded Xp/Hr Small (and overall) Dg in F2P (526,850 Xp/Hr)


#1 Recorded Xp/Hr Large Dg Floor in F2P (482,350 Xp/Hr)


Both of these are highest xp/hr recorded for a single floor in F2P.

[hide=Fastest Dungeoneering Floors]

My Fastest Solo DG floor


My Fastest 5:5 (combat) Small DG Floor


My Fastest 5:5 (combat) Medium DG Floor


My Fastest 5:5 (combat) Large DG Floor


My Fastest 5:3 Small DG Floor


My 2 Fastest 5:3 Large DG Floor's



1.6 Bil Total Xp!


The halfway point to max XP in F2p! Achieved April 25th 2016

1.5 Bil Total Xp!


Halfway from 1B to 2B XP! Also closing in fast on halfway to F2P max XP (1.6Bil)! Achieved December 19th 2015

50Mil Prayer Xp!


Although still pricey, thanks to cremation, prayer is slightly more affordable!

1,234,567,890 Total Xp!


One of every digit counting up, a pretty nice number to have if I say so myself.

1,111,111,111 Total XP!


Continually skilling along, the 10 1's have finally been reached.

1Bil Total XP!



Achieved September 3rd 2014! 1 Bil Total xp finally reached! Picture of my stats at 1 Bil as well as the in-game party.

25M+ All Skills


With this all my skills (In F2p of course) are now at least 25M Xp.

20M+ All Skills


This was Achieved shortly before I got 200M Cooking xp. It probably would have taken longer than this if it wasn't for a couple mil xp from BOL. I would like to be able to take advantage of BOL a bit more, but I'm not sure how much play time I will have.

750M Total xp


I got this with 20Mil Prayer xp, just in time for the release of RuneScape 3.

700M Total xp


I got this at the same time as 200Mil Smith xp.. so most of the grats are in that picture.. A great achievement for me nonetheless!

50M Magic Xp


I got this at the same time as my friend. Grats again on 50M Mage Fri!

150M Cooking Xp


600M Total Xp (and 1B for my Friend Atti 8-))


150M Smithing Xp


500M Total XP


Got my 500M total xp with 99 RuneCrafting! Achieved on July 14th, 2012.

100M Smithing XP


Achieved just before 100M Cook xp, on January 14th 2012.

100M Cooking XP


Achieved just after 100M Smith xp, on January 14th 2012.

200M Xp Counter


200M Xp in my Counter, not much more to go until "Lots".

Xp Counter at "Lots!"


Not too long after my 200M xp counter, I achieved "Lots!".

Xp Counter at "Lots!"(2nd time around)


I got this doing some Cooking as a quick break from training Dungeoneering.

50Mil Smithing Xp


Achieved this August 6th 2011.. 25% of 200m.. or 150m to go.. should I ever decide to go for 200m.

126 Combat!


100M Xp Counter


Got this while training prayer.

90+ all Skills


Achieved March 12th 2011.. Another solid goal complete, all skills are now above 90!

20Mil Smithing Xp


Achieved on March 4th 2011.. 6th 20mil Skill :D. I was pretty happy about getting this one as it's one of my favourites.

20Mil Fishing Xp


Achieved on November 28th 2010.. My first 5 Skills to 99; finally to 20Mil xp!

20Mil Magic Xp


Achieved on September 1st 2010.. 4 Skills now hitting the 20mil xp Mark!

20Mil Woodcutting Xp


Got this on Aug 14th 2010.. Another of my side xp goals completed.

200 Mil Total Xp.



Finally achieved the 200M total xp mark as a F2P player on July 25th 2010!

20Mil Firemaking Xp


Got this on June 2nd 2010.. It was one of my side xp goals.

20Mil Cooking Xp


Got this just the day after 20Mil Fm xp, another one of my 20Mil side goals.

85 Mining


Didn't have anyone come for this, I just really wanted it, But I must say.. as profitable as it is, Runite Mining is lonely and boring. I only Powered the last couple levels before 85. Just had to get it.

100M Total XP



I got this at the same time as my friend Naclh2o1.. sort of.. I got a pinball random just as I went to cook, so I had to get everyone to give me another Congrats =P. Good job Nac! =D

85+ all Skills!

Ahh at last, all skills 85+! (Btw nice message Pooty =p lol..)


[hide=Random Pics]

[hide=120 Capes!]

Thanks to the combat beta allowing F2pers to try members content, I was able to buy all my skill capes (and 120 capes!) I currently have Smithing and Cooking (I'll get the Dungeoneering one as well if the beta lasts long enough!)


My first skill to reach level "120" and my first 200M.. Smithing!


Cooking wasn't far behind Smithing in the 120 department.


My 120 Dungeoneering Cape! This was gotten just a couple days before the release of legacy mode.

10 Years!


I decided to take this on my Birthday in the hopes that Jagex would be nice and sell me one! But alas.. I forgot the requirement for being a 10 year RuneScape Veteran is to be a Payer.. not just a Player.

Capes of "Time"


A pic with some friends displaying the 5 year Veteran, Runescape Classic, and 10 Year Veteran Emotes (And a friend with some almost hidden bunny ears to boot!)

Lag Ftw?


A true story, of how bad my lag can sometimes get.

QC Pwnd!


Tricked most of the chat, and they willingly admitted to my fake QC. Wouldn't have turned out better if I had planned it.

2 Dragons


A picture taken by my friend just a couple weeks into Rs2 (i'm the green dot in full rune :lol:).

3 2 1 Go!


My friend here tried to look as much like me as possible, he decided to get one with Home Teleport at the same time.

Top daily Fishing Xp!


I didn't really plan on this, it just happened, and I didn't have much to do that day 0.0.

Yellow Party Hat


A picture of me wearing my friend Eyebeam's Yellow Party Hat before.. The incident. Thanks for letting me wear it, it was awesome :thumbsup:.

Split Fire


This was weird, this guy found some glitch where he could attack 2 Lesser Demons, at the same time with 2 different Spells. Didn't last long, but was still cool =).

Qaz Calvin 99 WC


A Picture taken of Qaz Calvin getting 99 WC during our 99 WC/Cook/Fish party =]. (My 3rd and 4th 99)

Mass Text


This is exactly what happens when a lot of people come together in one spot...

Zombie Hand


Talk about a lot of zombies buried in the ground here..

3 Giants at once!


Me taking on all 3 Ice giants at once!



This one I just laughed out loud when I saw it, I got it by accident, and then just had to take a screen shot.[/hide]

Well that's about it I guess. Always open to suggestions. Hope you enjoyed, feel free to post or leave comments, thanks for looking. :D

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Well Medi, its been fun. Yea...Kinda sucks to see I'm only in half the piks though. But hey, I htink I've been a good friend, supporter, and great company at times. Where would you be without me, Whoa, Skype, and a few others ^,~




P.S. I still wanna habve your babies (See, I belive 90Magic pik...) \,,/^,^\,,/ Love you and Tatiana.

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Hey medi! Good luck with your goals !! Gratz on 94 fishing! A few suggestions, i find your blog very bare. For example, you just post your fishing level and nothing else. I think that you should talk more about your day on rs, like the things that you did and maybe give your insights or opinons on some stuff ( like pvp etc). So the bottom line is to make it interesting to read and not just some 2 worded kind of post and a pic, Fill it up with words! Good luck with your blog!


#3325 to 99 Smithing #4332 to 99 Herblore

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Thanks for the post eyebeam like you said you would. This is my first blog,so I very much appreciate the suggestions :thumbsup: I'll get to work on it when I get some free time (aka when I am not at work :lol:). Thanks for coming to see my 94 fishing :D.

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Hai hai Med. :D








Nice stuff you got there. :thumbsup: Gl on your goals. Keep it up.








Congrats on Fishy level. :D



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Gratz med ... I want more pic and words on each post! lol :pray:


#3325 to 99 Smithing #4332 to 99 Herblore

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96 Fishing. \'


94 and 95 Cooking. ::'


"Random Pics" added




Hai hai Med. :D




Nice stuff you got there. :thumbsup: Gl on your goals. Keep it up.




Congrats on Fishy level. :D




Hai hai Jenny :D and Thanks :D


Good blog so far! Keep up the good work! :thumbsup:


Thanks Hippy :thumbsup:


Gratz med ... I want more pic and words on each post! lol :pray:


Thanks Eyebeam, will keep that in mind for the.. near future ;)

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heyy meed! keep it up!! 1 more level till 99 cooking!


#3325 to 99 Smithing #4332 to 99 Herblore

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13,000,000 Cooking Xp 34,431 Xp from 99 \'


97 Fishing ::'








Just 2 levels to go, hoping to get them both for next week sometime. Working hard for it!




heyy meed! keep it up!! 1 more level till 99 cooking!




Thanks, been trying hard :thumbsup:

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WHERE IS MY BANK PIC? :twisted: :evil:


#3325 to 99 Smithing #4332 to 99 Herblore

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WHERE IS MY BANK PIC? :twisted: :evil:




Its coming, planning on doing it very soon, after fish and cook are all said and done with ^^. But its nothing compared to your bank, like I said I can't Merch, I always lose money.




98 Fishing! \'








1 More level, hoping to get 99 Fishing and Cooking together in a few days ::'

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lol! 1 more level for both Cooking and FIsh! nice lol. Max your entire right column next :P


#3325 to 99 Smithing #4332 to 99 Herblore

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99 Cooking ::'


99 Fishing \'


lol! 1 more level for both Cooking and FIsh! nice lol. Max your entire right column next :P




Yup and now I got them \' Thanks for coming and all the support :thumbsup:.




99 Fishing and Cooking pictures available in "My 99's" Section of the blog.

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Congrats on double 99! :)




Keep up the good work. :thumbsup:



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