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Could I get firecape?


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It would be tough with your range, but your other stats would help alot. You could even melee it using d hally, and just bring a bow to lure healers off Jad.



Notable Drops:

5 X Dragon Axe.......1 X D Skirt...............1 X Bandos Platebody

3 X Zerker Ring.......1 X Bandos Hilt

4 X Warrior Ring......1 X Bandos Tassets

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if you dont have range, that leaves melee and mage. mage is costly and inneffective.




that leaves melee. theres 2 ways to do it. one is simple, the other is not.




simple one is using d hally to stay out of reach of the 360s while killing them




the other one, is using a whip or godsword. it takes some good timing for this though.


first: stand one square away from where you can hit the 360 with melee


two: when it rears back to attack, have your rightclick positioned, and attack. as soon as you hit, click back on the other square


three: wait a few hits and attack again


it takes perfect timing, but if done correctly you can avoid damage for the most part






if you did insist on mage, though, you'd want to use ice attacks, probably burst, as it hits multiple enemies at once so it can speed up rounds. also, bring a few blood spells for healing

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