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  1. You could try melee at sara gwd like suggested, or you could just get like 80 boots at mages?
  2. Yeah those really are the worse. A while ago had 3 steels then an iron, and now like 2 tasks later, 2 black demons.
  3. Good guide, seems like a very econonomical way to alch, even if you loose 2 seconds a load. I'll probably end up trying it soon, thanks! :
  4. Saying that Jagex favors melee is silly, because they don't. Lets look at the matchups of the combat triangle. Melee vs. Range: These fights are usually pretty close, and in my experience the melee does usually win. The reason is probably because the fact that rangers are forced to wear items with lower def. But according to the combat triangle the Melee should own the ranger, not win like 55% of the time. How is that fair? Range vs. Mage: No contest really. Mage will have to put on some barrows and get some more def, causing their maging to be less accurate on the already mage def crazy range. Even with that little def, they will still get owned. This is what is supposed to happen with the combat triangle. Mage vs. Melee: This one depends on how good the mage is. Unfortunately a majority of mages are not very good at all. They'll get owned by meleers in Karils left and right. But theoretically a good mage should be able to beat a meleer, with the use of the new Miasmic spells. I'm pretty sure these are kinda pricey, but I don't actually know how much the staff costs. I don't know much aabout combos, but I know you can combo some smoke spell with smoke or blood. Basically poisoning them while lowering their attack simultaneously. Mage won 1 matchup Melee kinda won so we'll give them .6 Range won 1.4 The fact is is that at similar levels range does hit higher than melee. D bow's max is 96, and Dh's max is close to that. But D bow maxes are so much more common since no sane person would try to get a hit off during pvp while at 1 hp, nor would they have many chances. The only way that I see that Jagex does favor melee is their selection of weapons(not counting spec weapons). There are so many more choices, Dh, Verac, Whip, all four different Gs's, even d scim works fine. While Range really only has Rune c'bow, and mage short (even though it kind of sucks and could be considered partially a spec weapon). Don't get me wrong, not saying that Range doesn't get the job done with a variety of different bolts, just some variety would be nice. And regarding whether or not dds/d claws are overpowered compared to d bow. I don't have great melee stats, but still I've only had a handful of good DDS specs ever. But then again, d bow isn't so great either. It may be better than dds, but it also can be very very inaccurate on def. I've only borrowed d claws for a couple hours so I may be wrong on this, but I did find that my hits were consistently better than I usually hit with d bow.
  5. Holy Cow! :ohnoes: Those are really nice stats and nice bank too! 10/10 It looks like you could have a maxed out total relatively soon, seeing as the only tough ones you got left are RC and Agility.
  6. I've been going Duradel for a while, and I was just wondering if Sumona or Chaledar are faster than him. I'm not going to be cannoning any tasks, so keep that in mind. I'm also going to be ranging basically all of my tasks, but I don't think that will make any difference.
  7. YEah, just alch them, you'll make a bit, on each, and get some magic exp.
  8. There is a drop rate, your just misunderstanding what it represents. Sure someone at their 200,000th kill is just as likely to get one in their next kill as someone killing one for the first time, but if that doesn't mean there is no drop rate. If there were no drop rates for any items, then wouldn't Visages be dropping just as often as Rune Limbs? And plus, Jagex said when talking about Rings of Wealth, that wheels are spun in order to determine drops, meaning that there is a certain chance of getting a drop each time you get a kill. But on topic, yeah, I've heard the drop rate is anywhere from like 2k - 4k.
  9. If you have a subscription then Cancel it right away. F2p is alot less tempting and that's what I usually do like a month before finals and other important times. You'll miss it for like half a day, then you'll forget about it all. This same thing happened to me, and ending my subscription got me back on the right path. It's silly to think that you will be able to stop yourself from playing games completely. What's important is that you plan out your time. Finish all your work with at least 1 hour at night for computer / Xbox or whatever. If you aren't a member, all I can suggest is take a break for a month, without logging in for any reason whatsoever.
  10. Well I would atleast get 60 for now, which is still relatively helpful, and a whole lot cheaper. If you have the extra money and your not expecting to be needing it in the near future, I would just go for 70, you won't regret it.
  11. The only thing I would recommend is maybe getting 60 pray, and maybe like 75 def. But really if you read a couple guides and watch a couple videos on Youtube, you'll be fine.
  12. That's what I was thinking, but I was told they didn't. Well thanks guys, someone can close this thread. :
  13. I thought they do, but then some people told me that they don't stack so can someone please clarify this?
  14. Overall, a very nice guide, and I read almost all of the sections. The only question I have is about the Fog Dragon Slayer gloves. Would these be better than combat bracelet for Irons and either Baby Blacks or KBD?
  15. ^ What he said... 7/10 Yeah, making that money can be tough, so why not expand on it and explain what you did and how you got it. Just showing us a picture of 15m isn't likely to get very good rates. Well anyway, congratulation on getting an item that you have probably been saving up for for a while.
  16. D Crossbow would be ridiculously powerful, and I think that a dragon defender would be too good also. Dragon Pick would be pretty useful, and I wouldn't be surprised if they were the next dragon item released because honestly no one really expected Dragon Claws to be released anytime soon either.
  17. Jagex does favor melee in the fact that they do get more updates if thats what your ranting about, but in terms of power Melee and Range are pretty much equal. I don't agree with anyone who says that mage is just as powerful if used correctly. And they can beat meleers if they stay out of their melee range so they can refreeze them without taking damage. But mages get into real trouble ones their opponents put on some Karils. And what about when they fight Range? Then their freezing doesn't do anything and they'll be hardly getting hit while they get ripped apart because of their robes.
  18. If 400-500k an hour is too slow for you, then you have a problem. At your lvl thats very decent. Too slow buying the harpoons. Aviansies are crap. If you think 400k - 500k/hr is slow, then you're never going to get that much cash. And you think Aviansies are crap because your range level is junk. I'd say get your range level up and slave yourself at Aviansies, or do harpoons. If you complain about how everything doesn't make enough money/is boring, stop asking for advice here. Seriously, just train your range up at Aviansies and watch the money pile up. Why exactly do you need all that money anyway? Maybe we can figure out a way for you do what ever your trying to do faster or more efficiently.
  19. You killed alot of poor mages :shock: 9/10 How long did it take?
  20. Probably Zombie Monkies while blocking all tasks from the lowest slayer master other than monkies so you can use Slayer helm / Black mask. That might even get you some decent slayer exp, but for some reason I doubt it'll work.
  21. Pretty much only ancient cavern. I hear Chaos tunnels is death, since you'll get piled and owned. Barbarian training shouldn't take more than 10 mins.
  22. I'd range Black demons in the Chaos tunnels if I were you, tons of crims there. Greaters aren't horrible, but I think blacks are much better.
  23. No point in looking at it for it's stats. Bandos or Barrows are easily better. Honestly the looks aren't that bad, what were you expecting? Got ideas of what they could do to make it look nice?
  24. You can't expect to make that much money fast, much better than the farming you've been doing. The harpoon method is great, and use it for at least more than 2 loads to get some start up cash. Then get your skills up till you can go to Sara or Arma GWD or other boss hunting. If there was a fast and fun way to get millions then everyone would have done it.
  25. I'm guessing that you meant to type dds instead of d claws. A dragon dagger+ defender= 60 stab attack. Dragon claws= 56 slash. Not to mention the fact that barrows and bandos both have lower stab defence than slash. D claws is better, for both PvP and PvE. Yes, four DDS specs will typically do more than two d claw specs, but you have to subtract what you would have done with a whip. Let's say that an average dds spec is 20-20, an average whip hit is 25, and an average d claw spec is 15-15-15-15. You can use the DDS 48 times an hour, and d claws 24. 48*(40-25)= 720. 24*(60-25)=840. DDS will do 720 extra damage an hour, d claws 840. And that's with a fairly conservative estimate for how much a whip can do. Yeah, but for Claws all you need to do is have your first hit be nice, then the rest follow. It's much harder to hit two high hits with DDS. Maybe DDS will hit more 40's more often, but I think Claws will still be doing more damage.
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