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Loyal Scim video 2! 92 str|p2p|godsword

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Hi everyone.




I don't know if you had seen my first video.




I was going to train my stats before releasing another, but i get bored of training and i want to pk, so i thought i'd video it again




Current stats




79 attack - 92 strength - 4 defence - 84 hitpoints - 85 magic - 52 prayer - 64 ranged




http://files.filefront.com/loyal2wmv/;1 ... einfo.html







Tell me what you think

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Very nice. Show loot next time.




Two things




1: Protect item is ftl


2: You safe TOO much. You were like eating at 40+ hp.


Dungeoneering isn't a skill.

I'm faster than bots at Sorceress Garden.

PM me if you want to chat. My PM is always off.

My keyboard is on fire. Want some?

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