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hey just wanted to let u kno some stuff about youtube and...


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actually his name isnt gohon u idiot it is on the thing but im taking after him cuz hes so great this is no scam u idiots why dont u trust me go and try and u can change ur pass while he is logged in thats what i did


Isn't it obvious?

Matt: You want that eh? You want everything good for you. You want everything that's--falls off garbage can

Camera guy: Whoa, haha, are you okay dude?

Matt: You want anything funny that happens, don't you?

Camera guy: still laughing

Matt: You want the funny shit that happens here and there, you think it comes out of your [bleep]ing [wagon] pushes garbage can down, don't you? You think it's funny? It comes out of here! running towards Camera guy

Camera guy: runs away still laughing

Matt: You think the funny comes out of your mother[bleep]ing creativity? Comes out of Satan, mother[bleep]er! nn--ngh! pushes Camera guy down

Camera guy: Hoooholy [bleep]!


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u kno how u always talk in the game yeah he dont he just works on the skill and yeah it does go faster when u just work on it the look at how much u got in ur inventory or look at how much xp u need tell ur skills up to next lvl he just works nothing more thats how he works and ur missing out w.e he dont scam u all just nub losers who will be nubs for the rest of ur life cuz u dont trust anybody i didnt trust him at first either but then i just decided wth ive got nothing to lose and what happend 4 lvls so dont belive me fine but for those who have nothing to lose go for it

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