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A good night? Edit: 90 defence!

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Well, It started when i compteted the quest. (Screenie was lost :oops:)




Just got this yay!






Then making 11.7M (Also sold the elite armour for 1.2m, Didn't have enough junk for the 2m+ sales)






Then getting 70 agility, Sara here i come :thumbsup:






67 Helblore :D






Lastly 1750 total \:D/




Overall quite a good night!




Got this a while ago and never uploaded it :)


70 Crafting.






Love it / Rate it, Please don't hate it <3:




Quest Cape - Combat 94, Done Grandmaster Quest - 27/11/08, Combat 115

Godwars: 1 Sara hilt, 1 Bandos hilt, Bandos boots, 2x Steam battlestaff, Zammy spear, 6 Shards.

Dks: 1 worrior, 1 axe

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Very nice on that dragon armor slice and completing the Grandmaster quest. Have fun doing a bit of Sara GW. I always enjoyed a bit of Saradomin trips, never got a drop though :oops:




Anyways, looking good on all your achievements, hopefully you will be getting alot more. Have fun in future RS-goals.




9/10 :thumbsup:

99 Fletching 99 Attack 99 Constitution 99 Cooking 99 Strength

Gamertag: H8tebringer


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