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you'll never guessed what just happened to me =D (read this)


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1st off, im lvl 100 (94+6 :oops: ) and never gotton a dragon drop* ever :cry: . so since i got bored, i decided to solo the kbd. ive soloed him b4 pretty easy using emereald bolts at 75 range. sp on the secong kill you'll never believe what i got as a drop. I got kbd heads(56con atm) AND d med at same time :lol: !


Now here's the twist. It's said that kbd head is rarer than a visage from kbd =P~ . Yet ive done 12 steel drag trips, 16 kbd solos, 50+ black drag trips, and have NEVER gotton a visage :evil: . i know visage is rare but come on! This is just a little cruel. now i need 70 con to prove to my friends im not lying about my drop, and i only have 4mil(haha yes im poor!).


at least i got them anyways.


I could go for a smoothie right about now :wall: .






*excluding d bones and d hide

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1 - This is not IRC, you dont just post whatever comes out of your mind


2 - Pictures would go in rate this. (viewforum.php?f=78)


3 - This holds no discussion value


4 - Honestly, I could care less about it unless you format things properly and not like a teenage girl ("I liek omg! got teh new shorts! now i wantz the new sh0ews!") and put it in rate this.


5 - ???




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People who go on hundreds of dragon trips and also come up with nothing to show for it all the time.

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the day the fantastic four come into runescape, i will eat my socks.

what kind of topic is this. ihaven't read it yet

but i now it must be stupid.

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