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Ranging green dragon help


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Hi, the only place I know where green dragons are is in the wilderness, around level 12-13 western part of the wilderness.


Green dragons are easy to kill, but with ranged, you're not going to be able to use bows. The easiest way to kill them with ranged is with throwing knives, or crossbows - because you're going to need to take an anti-dragon fire shield with you.


And since this is the wilderness, beware of pkers >.< and ancient mager/teleblocker teams.






- Green dragonhide 1,635gp in the grand exchange, down 19gp today.


- Dragon bones 1,793gp in the GE, down 2gp today


more drops from tip.it's beastiary http://www.tip.it/runescape/index.php?rs2monster_id=59


oh, sigs can update by themselves now? ^.^

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Green dragons are a very nice source of income for medium-level players.




For best killing, you'll want to get your slayer up to 55 so you can use broad bolts on them (cheap and incredibly effective). If not, use a bone crossbow simply for the incredible cheapness of the bolts (2 gp each!). Pick up the hides and bones, and bank them both. These can be used to train prayer and crafting very fast, or sold for quite a bit.




Also, don't forget your anti-dragonbreath shield! This is NECESSARY.



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Yes you can range them with the right equipment at your stats. Yes you can range them for profit unless you decide to use onyx bolts and not pick them up. Equipment is basically the best range stuff you have that you don't mind losing incase a rev attacks and you lag. I give a little more detailed explanation below.




tl;dr version is below




[hide=]Take a waka canoe to wilderness and right around that area are green drags. Using 50 range and a combination of emerald (e) and ruby (e) bolts you take them down very fast with 50~ range. When you are done make sure you have a charged glory with you and run south till you can teleport. Tele to edgeville and then repeat. Only problem is you might not have woodcutting level for canoe.








This guide (^^^) suggests using broad bolts and maybe that works better, I don't know. It also gives you an alternative to using the canoe method I suggest although I doubt it is as fast.




For equipment I would use your best D-hide range armor, best cross bow, dfire-shield/zamorak/guthix book, a charged glory (to get to edge), accumulator, bronze axe (for canoe, you can drop it when you get there seeing as the hide/bones you put in the spot will allow you to buy like 200 bronze axes), enough food to heal 80~ hp if a rev attacks, and maybe a ranging potion if your range is low. The type of ammo is up to you but like I said earlier, emerald (e) are pretty useful for their poison especially if you have a low range attack. You can actually get by without bringing a dfire shield once you get more experienced and this might save you a spot if you want to use a zammy book while actually ranging them. Bring a fire staff and natures is never a bad idea either but thats up to you as well.[/hide]

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