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cockroaches vs ankous !


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Why is each one better, (disregard my personal levels)




and also which one is better for me ?






STR 65


DEF 65








i have a salve ammy, will soon be getting a (e)




Are there any alternatives?




Green dragon? or ghostly Warriors...


can someone direct me to a good green dragon slaying guide?




(For green dragons, which is the best method?)


Tele tab lumby, recharge pray, glory to edge, bank , run to wildy, chaos tunnels, rinse and repeat.




that is what iam doing now, is there a better way ?

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Cockroaches imo.




Well, its not really an opinion, its more of a fact.




Crimson charms + loads of laws + rune drops + wicked xp + not-crowded (cockroaches)




Lame charms + some runes + no rune drops (if there are, wow, never had one), + decent xp + always crowded (ankous)




Plus, cockroaches are closer to a bank and dont have 45 defence pures telling you that your def is too high :?

I dont need a siggy no moar.

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Get even 70's before you do ankous. Ankous drop bones (prayer, or b2p tabs if you like), level 3 clues, and have better drops than cockroaches. There are 3 main meathods to bank:




Varrock tele tab -> west bank -> barbarian village


Edgeville home teleport (ancients) -> bank -> barbarian village


Home tele tab -> recharge prayer -> varrock portal -> west bank -> barbarian village




I got 70-80 atk str def range at ankous, easily made over 10m.


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Yes but you'll waste too much food on them. Better with ankous.




I was talking about skill levels in the first post. You can be level 120 with crappy stats.



95/99 Summoning

95/99 Slayer


[hide=This is what you look like when you play RS too long]2vvq0z4.jpg[/hide]

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Thats what im saying arent cockroaches easier than ankous?




Wouldnt it make more sense to do cockroaches before ankous?




EDIT: oops forgot about salve ammy




anway, so this is the master plan..




Get 70 attk, str, def, go do ankous




Till 75 Attk, str, def and go do cockraochsoldiers?




Am i correct?

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ive mad up my mind on ankous and cockroaches.




but would be this an interesting discussion if.... :ohnoes:




Ghostly Warriors,




I hear they have good drops and you can camp there for a long time with little to no food.


Many people use them for a mixture for xp and profit.




Your opinions wanted :thumbsup:




EDIT: Spelling

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