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What's the recommended/minimal levels to do barrows successfully? I'm not going to try now or anything, but I just wanted to know.


Mosly depends on how you go about it. for praying the whole time there arent many requirements only good prayer lvl.


For tanking which i think is the best, Highest mage lvl you can get, 50 is the lowest. 70 ranged, 70 def and highest prayer you can get.

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If you are maging the 4 melee brothers, slayer dart is a popular spell to use, which has a requirement of 55 slayer. Barrows can be done at surprising low levels, but it means you will need a load of pray pots and won't make a profit. If you are serious about making profit, i'd suggest 55 slayer, 70 melee's, 50+ pray.

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