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green dragons


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Why proselyte legs? Use something with more defence and don't pray. With half inv of food you can get yourself full inv of green d'hides(or/and) bones.


"Happines only real when shared."





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Use rune legs instead of prossy and just bring like 10 food and pick up hides and bones.

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670th to 99 Smithing July 21st, 07 |743rd to 99 Mining November 29th, 07 | 649th to 99 Runecrafting May 18th, 08 | 29,050th to 99 Defence October 20th, 08 | 20,700th to 99 Magic November 8, 08 | 47,938th to 99 Attack December 19, 08 | 37,829th to 99 Hitpoints December 24, 08 | 68,604th to 99 Strength February 4, 09 | 27,983rd to 99 Range February 9, 09 | 9,725th to 99 Prayer June 8, 09 | 6,620th to 99 Slayer December, 12 09 | 4,075th to 99 Summoning December, 28 09 | 3,551th to 99 Herblore February 24, 10 | 3,192th to 99 Dungeoneering November 11, 10 | 146,600th to 99 Cooking December 29th, 10 | 11,333rd to 99 Construction June 7th, 11 | 16,648th to 99 Farming August 1st, 11 | 19,993th to 99 Crafting August 2nd, 11 | 89,739th to 99 Woodcutting Janurary 1st, 12 | 55,424th to 99 Fishing May 9th, 12| 60,648th to 99 Firemaking May 12th, 12 | 16666th to 99 Agility May 17th, 2012 | 24476th to 99 Hunter June 1st, 2012 | 57,881st to 99 Fletching June 1st, 2012 | All 99s June 1st, 2012 | 3183th to 120 Dungeoneering July 24th, 2012 | 2341st to 2496 Total level July 24th, 2012 | Completionist Cape July 24th, 2012

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Don't use prayer potions, use monkfish.




Also, high melee and range defense chest and legs are way more useful than Proselyte armor.




Pick up bones and hides, don't bury anything.



Slayer Drops

Dragon Chainbody (dust devil), Dragon Platelegs x2, Dragon Plateskirt x3, Dragon Boots x38, Dragon Med Helm x5, Dragon Spear x3, Shield Left Half x4

Staff of Light x2, Abyssal Whip x16, Dark Bow x17, Granite Maul x17, Focus Sight, Hexcrest x2, Black Mask x4, Leaf-bladed Sword, Mystic x31, Obsidian x13, Brine Sabre x2, Spirit Shield, Dragonstone x5

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[cabbage], Im talking about chaos tunnels... make a difffernce or not?




Food !




What !? Wouldnt I be wasting money on buying it ?




Ok, here is my revised set..








rune pl8




d boots












What should i use in wildy?

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Same basic setup for wildy, possibly a teletab to speed things up and save you some running back to bank. Charged ammy of glory is great there too, lets you bank at Edgeville.




Anyway, since you're gathering the hides, you don't need to last a long time, just long enough to fill your inventory. Instead of using prayer pots (8k each), bring along a cheap type of food, like tuna (heals 10, 110 gp on GE). It will save you loads. Just fill your inventory with them and eat them if you need either the health restore OR just to make room.



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