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crafting 77-80


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seen a guy go to 99 with sapphire bracelets...that might be a good way. buy all materials. craft. alch!




I'm hearing a lot about sapphire bracelets too.


Aside from that dragon hide bodies...




Those seem to be about the only two training methods right now..


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Emerald bracelets still break even i believe, if you can find a buyer on the G.E. For some reason there is no demand yet the price is still decent.

I has herd, that lesser demons, MAY or may not, drop tormented demons. \:D/ :roll: :x :D :o :shock: :? 8-) :lol:


Due to a typo, I am now stuck with 1k dragon darts and no buyer. Can I has bail out from tip.it plox?

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