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Is my 350W PSU good enough for 8800GT?


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Well...my computer is HP prebuild, m9150f. The 8500GT they included in there just killed it...... GTA IV just came out, but i found i'm only able to play it in about 7-10 frame rates....




Some people say it's the game's problem, the 8500 should at least give you 15 to 20. However that's not my case. Idk what's wrong here, i run the benchmark test on GTA IV. My CPU usage was only 39% when people say CPU usage goes up to 100% during play. my memory used are the exact same thing with other people.... So..hmm....no idea.. but for an action game, 7-10 frame rate is like impossible to play.




So, if it's really the graphic card's problem, i want to know if i can upgrade it WITHOUT upgrading my PSU. That would be just a big pain, and it's gonna cost a lot more.




Well...my computer specs are follows:


Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @2.4Ghz


3GB Ram ( 2x1GB, 2x512MB)


Nvidia 8500GT ( getting rid of of course...)


720GB hard drive( 2x360GB) @7200rpm


1 DVD burner + 1 HD DVD ROM


PSU is 350Watts.




so if i upgrade the 8500 to a 8800, first of all, does it help a lot on performance? and second, can my PSU handle it without crashing or burning it out or anything?




people say that a good PSU that's 350W might handle it, well according to the label, mine is from HIPRO. Not sure if that's a good quality one... and the model is HP-D3537F3R

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No, pre-made pc's usually just have a psu that will work with the things that are put in.


Maybe if it would be a FSP 350w it could work, but it isn't.




And no idea in getting a 8800GT new, buy a used one or buy 9800GT or HD 4830.

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See how much power the 8800GT uses and add that to how much your CPU, HDD uses etc. If its <350W then its fine. I run a HD3870 off a 390W PSU so GL.




ps. your PSU may not be 100% 350W, see how many amps are on the +12V rail and times then together (VxA= P) to see how many Watts there are.

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