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[Official War] Legendz (lgz) VS. Legacy Kingdom (lk) - video


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After a decline to their alliance proposal and suspecting that we aided Downfall (df) in beating them in their last war. Legacy Kingdom (lk) declares a fullout war on Legendz (lgz).




Lgz accepts.




Video of the entire war:






War Screens:


Some intimidation goes on before war...










round 1










round 2






Round 1/2 (lgz win):


Lgz starting: 69


B starting: 33




Lgz ending: 51


B ending: 0




Round 2/2 (lgz win):


Lgz starting: 56


B starting: 25




Lgz ending: 49


B ending: 0




War terms:


-This is a full out war, bring all your men


-No Allies/Clan friends may take part in this war from both sides.


-All participants in the war must be ranked & on your memberlist inorder to participate in the war.


-The war will consist of 2 rounds. If it so happens that each clan won one round. Then we will war for a final round to determine the final winner. In other words; best of 3 wars, but if a clan wins 2 wars; they are declared winners.


-Restock between each round is allowed.


-Map for all wars is turrets


-Food, pots, melee, magic, range... everything allowed


-This is a safe war; so no drop on death item rule.


-Any armor/weapons are permitted


-This is an F2P war




Gf lk




Visit us at:




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