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  1. I never did play RuneScape Classic. I'm now really into skilling, so I don't PK much, although I'm in the RuneScape Rebels which does a lot of combat. So I do a little bit of combat, but I mainly just train skills.
  2. set merchanting? it's faster 'cause u dont need to wait 4 hrs b4 they sell again, but it isnt as easy on f2p (i think it only works with rune). p2p can set-merchant bandos and all of that other p2p only armour. another thing u can do is buy a bunch of priest gowns from thesalia in varrock then ge-sell them. i guess this is kind of merchanting ... sort of.
  3. getting my iron battleaxe :D i was a noob then and didn't know how to make money. i thought 130gp was a lot, so i started killing the people in lumbridge. this was in 2005, when i first started playing on an account called nintendo662 which i supposedly "gave" to my friend (he hackd it :P). i didn't care much because by that time, i had already gotten a lvl 42 player, which is now my main (lvl 53, name is ene789). i may start a new account and train it up again but with different combat stats to sort of formulate a strategy for the new pvp worlds. it shouldnt take too long cause i already kno how to train at a decent rate now. i could probly get it in a couple of months.
  4. hurray for the update! =D> this has been added to the game. u can add me to the supports list though! :thumbsup:
  5. Because RuneHQ is out of date, the Zybez crew doesn't know what they're talking about, Sal's Realm of RuneScape is messy and doesn't have much content, Bits and Bytes and Village are both too small, and smaller sites like Global-RS and RuneAddict don't always have what I need.
  6. To change my combat class from warrior to mage. I also want to get all of my F2P stats up so I can go P2P. \
  7. Forums | Memberlist Leaders: Illini_Boy31, Enfame, and Bryant468 Initials: TRR Focus: Fun and PvP _________________ I've edited the leaders. Yohi is no longer on the list. Could somebody please update this? ;)
  8. Do you like it? Yes, I think Tip.it has needed a clan section for a while. What do you dislike? Nothing! : What would you change? Nothing! : What features would you like to see? A calender for clans to add they're events/wars to. Any questions or comments? Do you have to be a clan leader to add your clan to the list?
  9. FoG is really fun. If you truly are bored of RuneScape and don't have the money, are too young to have a credit card, your parents won't let you, or whatever other reason, I honestly think it's time to either find another MMORPG or try one of the above. ;) I know how to beat it with 0 deaths (yes, I hack). =D>
  10. It's official name is GoogleTalk, not GTalk (that's what it used to be called).
  11. Did you report it? The fact the the Imp morphed gives me the feeling that it's a glitch. The first time I logged in after the Christmass event started, the Stray Dog in Varrock looked like a Snow Imp, but then just changed back into the snow imp (I could tell it wasn't just stacking because when I right-clicked, it said "Shoo-away Snow Imp").
  12. Why do you guys always crop-out the inventory section? :shock: [sarcasm]It's as if you don't want anybody to see those non-food drops you looted[/sarcasm] GF, guys! :lol:
  13. Didn't TEH used to be the official RuneHQ clan? If it was, it's just like Tip.It vs. RuneHQ (I know PKM isn't the official Tip.It clan, but it sure is a big one).
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