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mems making money?


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Hey im new to mems was wondering if there is any fun ways to make over 300k a hour my stats are below n i havnt got any mems skills up yet.

Learn how to do 15+ barrow chest per run :My guide http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?f=113&t=800457

Barrow drops : Dhorak helm x1

,guthan body x1

verac helm x2

verac brassad ,

karil coif ,

guthan helmx2 ,

torag body

Guthan skirt


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You could try p'apple pizza, buying plain pizza and p'apple rings for min and selling p'apple pizza for max. But that would only work if you had enough capital to buy the ingredients in bulk, and enough patience to wait for the Grand Exchange to process your offers. (Oh, and you'd need a little more cooking.)

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