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Errror w/ treasure trails clue text

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A town with a different sort of


nightlife is your destination.








A town with a different sort of


night-life is your destination.




that lil dash was missing =o


[hide=drops]10 black masks, 39 dragon boots, 21 whip, 9 dark bow, 7 dragon legs, 8 mauls, 3 dragon left half, 2 dragon spear, 2 hexcrest, 1 kbd heads, 10 dragon med, 2 R ammy, 2 granite legs, 1 bandos boots , 1 bandos hilt , 1 bandos chestplate, 1 saradomin sword(ls), 2 dragon claws(ls)(solo)[/hide]

[hide=Viralaether's guide to Mac use]1) take your mac

2) drop it off your roof

3) ??????

4) Profit![/hide]1/7/9 quest cape ||| 5/6/9 all diaries ||| 7/14/9 300 rank MA ||| 4998th to 99 summoning on 2/27/10

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Thanks very much for posting. However, for Treasure Trails clues we need a quickie JPG (or any format pic) of the clue to confirm any changes in the text, so that we can match the game perfectly.




Please post again if you can get a pic!


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The dash was missing, but that's not all...




[hide=crates, not boxes/clue text correction]canifisclue.png[/hide]

[hide=My Stats]Attack:86/Hitpoints:88/Mining:74









Total level: 1936

295/303 Quest Points

Combat Level: 117[/hide]

[hide=Interesting Links]My Blog

SportsGuy's Short Guide to Ghostly Warriors

Familiarisation Reward Research[/hide]

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