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Akeldama versus Lethality


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A Lethality official came to our IRC looking for a war and we decided on the following rules for a 30 min prep.








Akel Start We had a pretty good pull for a 30 min prep.










Lethality start








They piled X_Warrior while we piled Craka, we anti-sniped a few and thus x_warrior went down slightly before craka. Then Phenix dced and they piled me. I tanked pretty well and then we didn't lose another person and had a nice string of k0's. Goodfight Lth.




Some action from the fight.




















Our ending ops





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Lethality were intensively out leveled. Nothing but perfect organization and you choking could have given them a win. Good job nonetheless.

goldcrown.gifPk Leader of Last Hopegoldcrown.gif


.::Recent Lh Wars::.

15v15 Against Rune Raiders(Victory, 8 ending)

15v15 Against Genesis Knights(Victory, 9 ending)

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