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Farming guild + New elven/history-series quest


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Hi all!




Me, (rsn: sir nitram99) and my friend (rsn: Anime8891) have been working on an idea for a new guild, the Farming Guild. We tried to thought of a good spot where it would be at least somewhat natural that a guild for farming would be located. The sport would also be in a area that has been neglected for long and not at all used/visited much. We had some choices but we decided that the choice of having it placed in the land of the elves was the best. But as the guild itself would make a significant graphical change in the geography in the area it was placed we decided that the farming guild would be revealed and accessable only after doing a quest. We decided that it would be a new quest taking place in the lands of the elves.




But the quest wouldnt be a continuation of the storyline brought forward with the Regicide and the Mournings End quest-series. Instead it would be a continuation of the History-quest-storyline that has both the Making History and Meeting History quests in it. Our quest would be called Seeking History and it will be a search for the history of the elves and the goddess Seren. As there is not much know of the detailed history and the link between the elves and Seren more than some broad information on RuneWiki, we took the liberty to fill the blanks, so to say but still incorporate the lore about the elves and Seren that is already known. So we dont change the pre-existing lore and history, we just fill in the parts that is not mentioned and give it more details.




The quest also needed some villains. As the storyline told is from many ages ago and involves a goddess the villains had to be powerful enough to counteract the power of the good side, so they choice of villains fell on 3 Mahjarrets Lamistard Ralvash Mizzarch. They are all mentioned on RuneWiki linked with Azzanadra, another Mahjarret who the player releases in the Desert Treasure quest. There is no story linked to these 3 Mahjarrets other than that they are mentioned by Azzanadra and that they faced the void, which is believed to be the gods version of death. So we thought it would legit to use those 3 Mahjarrets as our villains and try to explain why they had to face the void.




So here goes the quest and the guild, happy reading!








The lore for the background to the quest Seeking History





In the beginning of documented elven history there existed 8 clans; each followed an elder in specific arts. To prevent any one tribe from gaining to much power each tribe only followed one aspect of nature. While all was well and peaceful in the land of the elves a force of evil schemed in the higher realms of Gielinor. The evil forces were 3 Mahjarrets that had fled servitude to Zaros that had been forced into to find a place of their own where they could place their base on because the Mahjarrets had bigger plans. They planned to take over the elven lands and use it as a power base to conquer the rest of the worlds. As the vast elven armies clashed with the invading forces of the 3 Mahjarrets it became very apparent the elves normal tactics would not be enough to keep this threat away from their lands. The elders were forced to meet for the first time in over 100 years to discuss a way to survive the onslaught of the enemies in their home.




They seemed to be left with only one option; to invoke all of their powers and imbuing them into one young and wise warrior elf named Iolyse. She was chosen as she proved that she had special and considerable skill in all of the aspects of nature that the clans were specialist in as well as having the courage to lead the elven attacks against the Mahjarrets bases to destroy their supplies. The elves worked tirelessly for three days and three nights without sleep to imbue power into her but finally by the dawning of the fourth morning the work was complete as she was transformed into the Crystal Goddess named Seren (this is why this god is a female and why she is so linked to the elves and why shes tied with crystal as a material).




The newly empowered goddess did battle without hesitation for 2 weeks straight with the vile mages. At the end of this intense period of battle neither side had given an inch. Seren was so distraught about this that she just sat down and cried. The tears she cried was found to be no ordinary tears as they turned out to be small droplets of crystal that could be used to create 6 different types of crystal items that could aid her forces in the war.




1. Powerful halberds that were given to the Warriors clan




2. Immense bows that were given to the Rangers clan




3. Magnificent shields that were given to the other clans to protect them as they werent directly in the war




4. Teleporting devices that could be used by all elves to flee swiftly from dangerous situations




5. A giant saw that could help the elves repair and build fortifications and housing




6. A crystal tree seed that was given to the Natures clan




The new aids really helped the struggling elven forces as it balanced the tides of the war to a fairer battle. But still, years went by as Seren and her forces clashed over and over again with the Mahjarret and Seren began to think of other ways to change the tides of battle. While the evil forces prepared for another assault on the elves, Seren realized that she couldnt hold them off forever so decided to use her immense powers to create the World Gate. She then led the remains of the 8 different clans that werent directly needed in the war against the Mahjarrets through it. This was Serens' way of securing the future of the elven race if they would end up loosing the war in the end. She also saw the place beyond the World Gate as a safe haven where the elves could recuperate and regain their strength and hopefully be able to come back through the World Gate to aid the troops if so needed and to finally end the war.




She also orders several things to be started as she led the elves through the World Gate;




1. She ordered the construction of the crystal city of Prifddinas in the new land where the World Gate had led the elves. This new capitol city of elves was created both as place where research of further methods and ways to save her elven people and as a place to hide the elven children and elven elders to even further help protect future generations of the elven race. The construction of this city of crystal was made possible by the Crystal Saw that had been crafted out of the tears that Seren cried years earlier as well as with the new skill that the elves led through the World Gate was given by Seren, crystal singing. This way of singing could form the crystal in any shape the elves wanted. The 8 different clans were also given the right to construct a small tower in the middle of the city. In the middle of these 8 towers was a much bigger tower constructed called The Tower of Voices in which the elves were able to commune with Seren herself how far away she even might be.




2. She called for a final meeting with participants from all the 8 elven clans to state her view on how she thought things were best to be handled onward as she was to go back and fight the Mahjarrets. But this meeting didnt go as she planned as there were members of the clans that disagreed with her plans. They demanded that she surrendered her gifts that were imbued into her as they now felt that they were safe from the Mahjarrets in this new homeland. They meant that would soon have played out her role as protector of the elves as she could just leave the rest of the elves through the gate. Seren answered this by stating that she refused this request and warned that the Mahjarrets could not be called of as a threat yet as they could very well find a way to come through the World Gate as well. So she opted to stay the Crystal Goddess Seren and go back to fight of the Mahjarrets so that there would be no chance that they could find a way to go through the World Gate. The disagreeing clan members didnt accept that answer so they held a secret meeting to discuss their next moves on how to get things as they wanted them to be. But they were quickly discovered which ended in them all banned and set in exile from the elven lands this new homeland.




She then returned to the war against the Mahjarrets after she had closed the gates to new capitol city. The new found hope of the survival of the elven race gave the elves new zeal and slowly the tides of the battle turned in the favour of the elves. In the end they saw that the forces of the Mahjarrets had to retreat.




The 3 Mahjarrets that had been raging this war, Lamistard, Ralvash and Mizsarch, had retreated and was exhausted of their powers from the long war and they were then faced with a choice; either go back and serve their lord that they had fled from to try to claim a place of their own by eradicating the elves from their homeland, Zaros, or face the vast void. They all chose to go into the void as they knew that the alternative of crawling back to serve Zaros whom would be filled with anger of their escape from him was far worse than the void could ever be. In the void they could contemplate their actions and still be able to plan for their future and their return to the world.






The quest Seeking History Quest outline and progress




The mission going into the first cave is to find all 9 of the missing archaeologists and here what they have to say about the lore of the elves that they might have found during the research trip.




Skill requirements:


Agility 40


Firemaking 55




Item Requirements:


Good combat equipment + Anti-Fire Shield




Quest Requirements:


Meeting History










Start Cave








1. The player now has to light 3 fires instead of 2 to get through the gate to the west. 2 fires can be lit right away with a Tinderbox (if the player forgot to bring one he/she can search a crate nearby to find one) and the 3 fire is extinguished so the player has to re-lit it by using a log on the fireplace and the use tinderbox to lit it (the player can find a Normal Log in one of the crates nearby). To hinder the player from doing that is some 9th clan warriors (lvl-80). When all 3 fires are lit at the same time you can pass through the gate. The gate also tells you that all 3 fires have to be lit to get passed it so that the player doesn't just stand there and doesn't know what to do.




2. So the player has to search Archaeologist 2 to get Clan History Note 2.






3. Next is the portal chambers maze. The idea is to make the player having to remember where each portal leads to in the end find his/her way to the portal leading across the stone rumble that hinder the player from advancing further west in the cave.




4. The player then has to search the Archaeologist 3 to find Clan History Note 3






Mid Cave








1. In this cave the player has to encrypt the clan history note that the Archaeologist 5 gives the player if he/she searches it. The way to do this is to first shuffle the Books 1-9 around in Bookcase A-I. Each book is in the wrong bookcase and needs to be put in the correct bookcase. Its also only possible to hold 1 book at the time in the inventory. To be able to work around this problem the player can put 1 book at a special table in the middle of the room. This means that the player can take 1 book out and place it on the table and then the player can take another book out and try to fit it into the shelf from which the player took the book thats now on the table. So the player has to figure out which book to have in inventory and what book to put on the table to get all books to be in their right shelves. When that is achieved the table in the middle will open up a hidden space and reveal Encryption notes.




2. The player then has to use the Encryption notes on Clan History Note 5 to make it readable and the player can proceed forward in the quest.






End Cave








1. First the player has to search a crate to find a candle and a tinderbox and lit it (the player cant bring a lightsource along inside the cave as the 9th clan spirits hate bright light). When that is done the player can go through the gate.




2. Next are some aggressive 9th clan mages (lvl-75).




3. Next is a big black hole that needs to be advanced over. The player needs to jump onto the holding cliffs on either the north or the south wall and jump across those to the other side of the whole. If the player fails a jump a black screen will show and the player get hit for 5 HP and the candle goes out. A message then appears to tell the player that he/she has to re-lit the candle to not get hit for a continues 1 HP damage (the same as in Lumbridge castle cellar caves).




4. Then search Archaeologist 6 to find Clan History Note 6.




5. Next is a lake of icy water. To advance passed this lake the player has to jump onto the stepping stones. If the player fails a jump he/she will fall into the lake and a black screen will appear and the player will get hit for 5 HP and the candle will go out. The same here as with the black hole, the player has to re-lit the candle to not get continuously hit for 1 HP damage.




6. Next is to make the way through 9th clan archers (lvl-78) that hide behind big rocks and shoot arrows at the player.




7. Search the Archaeologist 7 to find Clan History Note 7.




8. The next to 2 puzzles are blocks that need to be pushed or pulled to make a clear path through them. If the player fails he/she can reset the blocks by right-click any block and choose the option Shuffle.




9. Next is a room with 3 Green Dragons (lvl-79).




10. Passed the green dragons is the Archaeologist 8 and he will give you Clan History Note 8.




11. Passed the 8th archaeologist is the ghost of an Ancestral Guardian (NPC). Talk to it to get to know that you now have to answer 8 quizzes about the 8 clans of elves that Seren led through the World Gate. You give the NPC your 8 notes to be able to pass through the portal to the west.




12. Now the player will be taken to 8 different small rooms with an Ancestor 1-8 NPC in each of them that will give the player a quiz with 3 questions about the notes that the player is supposed to have red through as he/she got them. If the player will get an answer wrong the Ancestor will punish the player with a hit of 5 HP.




13. As the player answer the 8th quiz correctly the portal passed the last Ancestor will take the player to a bigger cave room where a Spirit of Seren will appear and tell the player that he/she now are worthy to be given a Glowing Rock.




14. Passed the Spirit of Seren is a big rumble of rocks that hinders the player from accessing the ladder leading up to the surface. When the player have Examine the rumble the player will get a message about that there is a big mysterious rock in the rumble. The Spirit of Seren will then come in and say that she will help you getting through the rumble by her using a spell on the Glowing Rock and make it deflect the spell on the rumble. She does that but the deflected magic is absorbed by the big mysterious rock in the rumble and it comes to live as Glowing Rock Golem (lvl-126) and starts to attack the player with both Range and Magic (the quest boss has high melee defence so its almost only possible to attack it with either Range or Magic).




15. When the quest boss is defeated the Glowing Rock will reveal its true nature and become Crystal Tree Seed and the player can go up the stairs to the surface.




16. When the Glowing Rock has turned into the Crystal Tree Seed the rumble hindered the player from accessing the ladder up to the surface will be gone and the player can climb the ladder to get back up on the surface.






End Point








1. The player comes up just by the Port Tyras docks and sees the final archaeologist, Archaeologist 9, just by the woods near the ladder the player just came up from.




2. The player needs to talk to the archaeologist to get the final note about the history of the 8 clans of elves and Seren.




3. The archaeologist also ask the player to go search the woods just by him as he think he saw a mysterious looking elf in the woods just up ahead.




4. As the player does that he/she will get an option to cut a way through the woods to the mysterious looking elf (the player needs to have a Secateurs + any Woodcutting Axe + a Knife in their inventory to be able to do that, if he/she hasnt she can take the charter ships to a location with a bank to get the needed items or by any other means return to the place with the needed items). A black screen will be shown and after it a way up to the mysterious looking elf will be revealed.




5. The player goes up to talk to the mysterious looking elf to get to know that he is in fact a "Guild Guardian" and that the area passed the gate up ahead is the Farming Guild. He will also tell the player that the Crystal Tree Seed that the player found during the quest is plantable in a special patch in the Farming Guild and that the Crystal Tree is rumoured to have great knowledge about the past as well as the future.




6. The NPC will also tell the player to go back and tend to the wounded archaeologist by the woods.




7. The archaeologist will then ask the player to take him back the Outpost to get treatment for his wounds. A black screen will be shown and the player will be back at the Outpost. Talk to the guy there and the player will tell him all that he/she has gotten to know during the quest. The guy will thank the player for that knowledge and the quest is completed.












The Farming Guild and the Crystal Tree


One of the rewards for completing the quest Seeking History is the revealing of the Farming Guild. A player wishing to enter this guild has to have Farming 65 or higher.










The entrance is from the Port Tyras docks and past the gate are many treats;




1. A tree of all versions of the Fruit Trees


A tree of all Fruit Trees in the game can be found and picked for 6 fruits each. The generation time of the fruits is the same as for fruits on trees that you grow yourself.




2. 2 Multi-patches


In these the player can grow anything they want (except any of the special plants). The growing time in these patches is about 10 % longer compared to the more specific patches in the RuneScape world. There is a Gardener and a Leprechaun associated to the 2 patches too. The Gardener can be paid the usual amount of payment to watch the things you have planted in the patch/patches.




3. The Huge Compost Bin


In the north of the guild is a special compost bin as it can hold 25 items instead of the regular 15. The time it takes them to rotten is the same time as in any other compost bin.




4. The Auto-Germination Machine


If the player has the required amount of tree/fruit tree seeds and plant pots in his/her inventory the player can use a seed on the machine and choose how many seeds to be auto-germinated. Then a black screen will be shown and when it ends the player will have the same amount of ready-to-plant saplings in the inventory as he/she choose to auto-germinate. So the player doesnt have to put soil in the pots and doesnt have to add the seeds or to water them or even wait for them to grow up to saplings. Its all done in mere seconds with this machine.




5. Seed Bitter


A player can trade items for seeds from the Seed Bitter and also trade seeds for other seeds so that the player can get and plant the seeds he/she wants.




6. Elven Spring


In this spring flows a very pure and special kind of water. The only item that can contain this water is the Elven Watercan. If a player use a grimy herb on the spring it will be cleaned and the player get ½ of the XP usually gained when cleaning grimy herbs, this action also has a Clean-X and Clean-All option.




7. Elven Watercan Seller (NPC)


This NPC sells the special Elven Watercan. This watercan holds 12 dozes of water instead of the normal 8. The Elven Watercan is the only item that can hold springwater from the Elven Spring. Watering a patch with an Elven Watercan containing springwater from the Elven Spring will make it grow one step instantly. This only works once per plant and patch. The Elven Watercan can contain regular water as well.




8. Crystal Tree Patch


The patch where the player can plant the Crystal Tree Seed that the player got during the Seeking History quest and that the Guild Guardian kept until the player had the required Farming level to plant it (93). After the player has planted the seed he/she has to water it with water from the Elven Spring for it to start growing (the seed doesnt need any type of compost to be added to the soil to be planted). It takes 50 hours for the tree to grow to its fully grown state. When the tree has been planted it is impossible to remove it. The tree has 3 purposes;




1. If the player uses the Crystal Bow or the Crystal Shield on the tree it will charge them for 80 % of the normal price and also add +2 charges (so the Bow will show charges as 12/10 for example). Using a Teleport Crystal seed on the tree will reduce the cost of recharging it by 20 % and it will give it +1 charge (so 4 charges instead of 3). Using the Crystal Saw on the Tree will make the Crystal Saw into Crystal Saw (e) which gives a +3 boost to Construction instead of +2 and it will have 40 uses instead of 28.






2. The tree tells the story about its own origin and history.





My presence in this world began when there seemed no end to the war against the Mahjarrets as Serens elven army has had many setbacks. She was so sad that she cried, but being a goddess her tears were very special. The elves soon found that the droplets could be crafted into useful crystal items. One of those items created was my seed and it was given to the Natures clan. My seed was no ordinary seed as it came from Serens mind and thus it was incorporated with all the secrets of the elves so that it could be revealed even if Seren was to fell in the war.




When Seren and the Farming clan was to plant my seed one of the Mahjarrets, Ralvash, got the news about this. He couldnt let the elves plant my seed as that might give the elves an advantage of some sort in the ongoing war. So to stop the plan he unleashed a horrible flame attack that destroyed every farming field and patch that had remained unharmed from throughout the war. This rage of fire left no place to plant my seed. So to at least save my seed so that it could be planted later on Seren only saw one option. She needed to take my seed to the god of Nature and Balance, Guthix.




Seren used a great fending spell to keep the army of the Mahjarrets off until she could return from her visit with Guthix. Her intention was to get Guthix to agree to keep my seed safe during the war. But as much as Guthix was impressed with her strong will and dedication he couldnt keep my seed as he could not in but he could not interfere with the elves or any mortal race in Gielinor because that could disturb the natural balance of power in the world that he was set to maintain. Instead he could only offer to bless my seed with parts of his knowledge and then he was sadly forced to send the disappointed goddess back home.




What Guthix didnt reveal was that he incorporated a powerful barrier within my seed to keep it protected until the elves could get to a new home as he as one of the powerful gods knew that the elves eventually would have to flee their present home. He also didnt reveal that he blessed my seed with the powers to predict the future for anyone wise enough to be able to plant it in the future.




Seren returned home with my seed and to keep fighting the Mahjarrets. Her troops evened out the tides of battle with the new items crafted from the tears but my seed was not able to be planted so it was kept amongst the elves.




When the time came for the part of the elves that could be spared from the battle and leave through the World Gate that Seren had created the seed was brought along. But when the new capitol city of Prifddinas was constructed my seed was ready to be planted in this new world my seed was nowhere to be found. My seed has just slipped out of the hands of the elves and fallen through every crack in the earth and between every rock imaginable and had been long forgotten when it was time to plant it in the new home.




My seed was thus lostuntil you, my brave caretaker found my seed and planted me so that I could grow up to be this splendid Crystal Tree that I am now.





3. The tree tells random, vague and mysterious stories about things that might happen in the future that is up to the player to interpret what they mean



8 skills at 99: Herblore - Farming - Cooking - Firemaking - Woodcutting - Fletching - Magic - Crafting

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I didn't read all of it, but it sounds like a good idea.




My only problem is with Seren, crying is just copying offof Guthix, but I can't hink of any other way for the crystals to be formed...




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Yeah, the crying-tears-part is like Guthix but we didn't see it as any other way and it suited the feel of the lore. Also, the elves, being intune with nature and balance of things, could be alike Guthix and also "use" crying.




We spend many hours posting the written stuff back and forth to add stuff, change stuff or re-think stuff.



8 skills at 99: Herblore - Farming - Cooking - Firemaking - Woodcutting - Fletching - Magic - Crafting

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  • 4 weeks later...

Seems nice, I can see you put a ton of work into it. The huge compost bin seems neat, but the elven watering can bit and the inception thing for trees are things that I'm not too hot on. Otherwise, great, even though the tears bit is really ripping off Guthix.

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AFAIK, this would create a continuity error: it's been made pretty clear that at least Ralvash (though presumably Lamistard and Mizzarch too) was sacrificed in the Mahjarrat Rejuvenation Ritual.

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This was written before the Tale of the Musquah quest was released where you got to know more about the Mahjarrets and what "facing the void" means. So when we wrote this we had no idea that "facing the void" was a part of the Mahjarret rejuvenation ritual that the Tale of the Musquah taught is it was. So I know that this new information put a great dent in the post-effects of the Seeking History storyline.




But instead of having the 3 Mahjarret being banned for leaving the direct supervision of Zaros as a result of the war loss against the elves they could have become so weakened by the battle against the elves as they also lost that war that they would have been so weak that they lost the struggle to become the once needed to be sacrificed during the Mahjarret rejuvination ritual and because of that was to "face the void". And not as a result of being banned after loosing the war.




That would make more sence incorporating the new information from Tale of the Musquah, right?



8 skills at 99: Herblore - Farming - Cooking - Firemaking - Woodcutting - Fletching - Magic - Crafting

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That makes more sense, though I'm pretty sure they were sacrificed individually, i.e. in different rituals. It explains the first Mahjarrat's loss in the Ritual (Lamistard / Mizzarch), but not that of the other two (the other one and Ralvash): they would have been restored to power by the Ritual.

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umm... sorry to ruin it for you, but the fairies are the ones who are "in tune" with nature the most. the elves just believe in not harming it.




if you think about it the fairies are farmers, but the elves are hippies.

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