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Best RC Exp?


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I am currently 68 Runecrafting and I want to get 82 as quickly as possible. At the moment, I'm doing ZMI but I'm not sure that it's the best exp for my level.




Is there anything that will be better for me at my level or should I keep doing ZMI?



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doing 82-91 astrals is less cash and less exp for this reason:




astrals = 430k cash/25k exp an hour


zmi = 60ishk cash/45-50k exp an hour.




zmi is basically twice as fast for 350k ish cash less an hour




say its 150 hours 82-91 with astrals (to lazy to do exact calculations). so in 150 hours 3.75m exp/64.5m cash




75 hours of zmi gets 3.75m exp/4.5m cash


time saved = 75 hours. total exp = same


75 hours of saved time doing double nats = 900k an hour = 67.5m cash, 2250000 exp. total cash = 72m (7.5m more) and your 2m exp ahead.....




zmi to 91 is way better



Dragon Drops: 80+ boots, 7 med, 3 skirt, 2 left half, 2 Spear, 2 2h

Slayer: 30+ whips, 4 Bows, 1 Mask, 3 Granite Legs, 1 Visage (Wyverns)

Notable GWD Splits: Bandos Tassets: 12, Bandos Chest: 11, Bandos Hilt: 2

Proud Slayer of 99 Att/Str/Def/HP/Range/Summoning

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Steam Runes is better than ZMI until the 80s. But it comes with a 82 magic requirement and a decent price tag.

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