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Combat Spells


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I wanna Train Mage Using Combat Spells Whats the best way to go about this?






I have 84 Magic.








Bursting Rock lobsters


Bursting Ape toll monkeys








I was Thinking


Pest Control


Soul wars


Fire blast somewhere


Crubmle of the dead


God spells



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I recomend Soul Wars, if you get into a good SW clan. The xp rewards are better than PC.




Edit: Take burst runes, go the SW obby on a busy world and blast away at the large number of enemies. Good times. :)


KoAClan.org for adults

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If your planning on training mage and not doing lobsters, I would recommend staying away from the ancients spell book. Ancients spells are far to expensive per cast for ordinary training.




I would recommend slayer dart, or fire/air wave, as those spells are economically cheap for the XP they give. But its all about where you use the spells.




Someone recently mentioned to me that a good place to train is actually Avians! When you think of avians, you think of ranging them, but I have been told they actually have a low magic defence. It might be worth checking them out, as they have good drops in bars which could help pay for the spells you use. I would only recommend this however if you have a good defensive/summoning level and equipment, or don't mind using some Prayer Potions.




Other good ideas are metal dragons, or any dragon for that matter, blues would be a primary choice. The bones and hides will help pay for the spells.




If you do plan to use spells to train it, I would say slayer dart or fire/air wave. Other than that, you might as well just use Soul Wars.




EDIT: Fist of Guthix is also an option too, but its reduced (but free) XP.

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Fire wave at Vets PC boat got me 90k magic xp per hour when I calculated, when I used the points on magic. I was wearing ahrims and a farseer.

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Fire wave aviansies. More profitable than metals though I don't know about the xp.

Ah, this reminds me about the noob on the Runescape forums who was upset with the quest "Cold War" because apparently his grandparents died in the war. :wall:
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