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  1. I get all the girls, I get *all* the girls.

  2. While the xp is halved, FoG (using the highest magic combat spell you can) would still be an option for you. FoG is semi-afkable, not usually tedious, and free. You can take the tokens you win and put them towards gloves to sell, in which you can buy things to get you even faster xp. I'm not sure what the xp/hr would be on f2p compared to cursing or super-heating, but its free xp, so it might be worth checking out.
  3. Generally speaking, all items that increase in number, decreases in value over time. Prices are mainly influences by 3 factors. 1) How many of an item are in the game 2) How many people want that item 3) How is the item coming into the game, if at all? Take an item such as the Godsword. The Bandos Godsword was once stable at 40M. Over many years, so many have come into the game they are now less than this cost. Spirit shields will follow the same path as this, unless something changes (Factor 2). Updates play a large role in price of items such as these. If there was a new boss monster for example that used magic attacks you cannot protect against and dropped Abbysal Godswords, the spectral spirit shield would rise very high. Thirdly you have to also factor how the item comes into the game. As new items and abilities come into the game, current bosses become easier and new equipment more efficient. Items can fall and rise because of other items making them less useful. Rares on the other hand are completely different as they are more of a "collectors item". Rares have no use in the game, so their value is only tied to what people say its value is worth. Because they only exit the game, and do not enter, this makes rares likely only to rise in the long term simply because there will be less of them in the future.
  4. I did a little snooping, and Ill try to keep it in order so you can document it. This is ALL around temple of Ikov ice patch area. Edit: I made a pretty map to help. North of Ice Patch area: (Elemental Workshop 1 Area) East of Ice Patch area: Box for hiding in Catherby (See more on this below) South-East of Ice Patch area: Legends Dungeon. This is a correction on your first page. Legends is next to Ikov, not a penguin area. Far Far west of the Boots of Lightness Rooms: Some part of Varrock sewers? See Above Box: Box next to box, instanced area perhaps? East of Boxes: Fire Obelisk (and thus the rest of Taverly Dungeon) North East of Boxes (North of Tav Dungeon): Underpass under White Wolf Mountain?
  5. Freaky Forester Random NW of the Kingfisher Realm (Holy Grail Quest)
  6. Area south of Wyvren Dungeon is indeed the trawler part of RDF quest.
  7. Regarding the 2nd article, I think the author is a little biased. Especially regarding this statement: 1) If players have never been in any clans, how would their reasoning be that they've had bad experience with clans, considering they have never been in any clans? How can you say you don't like something if you have never tried it. 2) Every single person I know or have on my friends list has been in a clan at one point of another. Some clans are "community clans", some are "skilling clans" or "pk'ing clans", but at one point or another all of them were in one. I guess you could say my opinion is a little biased because I've met all my friends through the clans I've been in. The tip.it community tends to be more of a solo-ish community. There are a fair number of clans here, but most people in clans would not typically visit Tipit or their forums because they are busy in their own clan's activities/site. Onto the topic at hand, the reasoning for the new content being developed for communities is simple. Jagex wish to develop at least one piece of content for every group of individuals that play. You may not like it, I may not like it. I think Jagex waste their time with PvP and should just remove it. I dislike boss-hunting at GodWars, and would rather Jagex remove the God Wars Dungeon. But I also understand a portion of players like these pieces of content. I play this game for me, and I don't enjoy the content listed above, but I feel like I can take a week of no content for me to make other people happy. I understand Jagex want's to appeal to everyone and don't complain if I only have 2 updates of content to do a month. Keep in mind Jagex does not design this game for YOU, they design this game for EVERYONE. If Jagex suddenly stopped making updates to help community and clans, how do you think they would feel? They would feel the same as if Jagex stopped making quests for you. Who are you to say how this game should be played or what should be fun. Essentially you are being discriminatory to the people who enjoy those things. It's like saying "Well [insert minority race] is not as good as my race, so they shouldn't get anything because only my race is more important". So what I think you should consider is that, while it may have attributes of a single player game at times, in the end Runescape all revolves around the community to function. Jagex is just now starting to make updates for all aspects of the community rather that just part of it, unless of course you'd rather have them focus one just one part of the community? Perhaps they should move some staff and stop making quests so they can focus on other "more important" parts of the community? Nobody I know does Quests anyways.[/sarcasm] EDIT: Oh and by the way, if you think making videos is a small part of the community, perhaps you should do some research. "RSMV" results to about 53,800 videos on Youtube. And that's just music videos.
  8. Someone here forgot the Combat Triangle is unbalanced.... t's not perfectly balanced no, but it still roughly works. As a ranger you can usually get a mage down if you can hit hard enough. As a mage you can usually get a meleer down if you use ice and binds to keep them from getting you As a meleer you can usually own a ranger with easy Except the fact that you get called a farcaster noob and you will have to tank which defeats the whole purpose of being a mage <_< Its ok for a meleer to own a ranger Its ok for a ranger to own a mage But if a mage starts owning a meleer...0mfg n00b farcaster gtf0 So who cares? That just dumb meleers who rarely know the combat triangle and assume they should own all. The whole point of mage is it is not a close up skill, you're meant to stay back out of trouble and take foes down. It's not so much that, as it is hybrid issues. When a person only uses one type of armor/weapon, the triangle works fine. When you mix weapons and armors, melee always comes out the victor in terms of bonuses. We've all heard the d'hide example so I wont bother explaining it. The problem is the way the skills are designed. Melee is the only skill that is not dependent on armor bonuses, and because of that when hybriding comes into play melee ALWAYS has the advantage. Melee can switch defense bonuses without any loss of attack bonuses. So as good as the triangle looks on paper, it simply doesn't work like that in the real world. I don't think its really necessary for this to include anything except Dangerous PvP. The reason of that is in castle wars, fist of guthix, ect.. Your combat level is not important. In those minigames you would be hindering yourself not to train melee skills. In PvP the opposite is the case because who you can fight is directly related to your combat level. As for the the turmoil, rumor has it Jagex may be adding a "turmoil" like prayer for magic and range in the future. If that is true, it may make turmoil not so powerful. Especially if the magic prayer has the ability to reduce melee damage.
  9. I'm of the opinion an optional filter is a good thing. Lets be honest. Filter or not, there are kids which are going to curse in any situation. With the current filter, they evade the filter to do so. If an optional filter was put in place, they would simply be saying the full word instead of the abbreviation. There would be no reason to evade the filter, and because of that those who do not wish to see these words don't have to. Sure, on the first day lots of people would be swearing up and down because they think its funny and cool, but a week later nobody would care. Those that don't want to hear it, can turn the filter on. I believe the reason most people curse now is because they cannot. I guess the whole reason little kids think its a "cool" thing is because you can't do it. Just like people think its cool to "hack" certain parts of the game. It's because other people can't do it so it makes them feel special and better than everyone else. Let everyone do it and they'll get bored of it. It's a positive for people like me so I don't have to go around listening to a 12 year old saying curse abbreviations every other word to evade the current filter.
  10. I would assume the reason it appears both ways is due to the fact Zamorak is the god of Chaos. The symbol appearing both ways would imply there is no order, but only chaos for the way the symbol could appear.
  11. Do you mean that the battle-axe will never miss or behave like ferocious ring? I think she means more like the dark-bow special, but without the 100% accuracy. Normally when a weapon rolls the dice(like a whip) it will roll any number from 0 to your max hit. This type of weapon (if it hits) would always roll 10 to your max hit. So you are guaranteed at least a 10 every time you don't miss. It certainly would add an interesting aspect to the game, as weapons would no longer rely only on weapon speed, but also the minimum damage they put out. This weapon type also doesn't overpower weapons in terms of massive wtfko ability.
  12. Each update has to be loaded and resynchronized onto the existing game code before it is released. Think of updates like a train. The Update Train travels from station A to station B carrying an update from current code and hardware( A ) to combined code and hardware( B ). If the train is chugging along and halfway to point B from A, de-rails due to hardware issues, the train is stuck halfway. You cant just take it back to A, put a new update on the train and push it through the bump. They would have to unload all the current existing stuff that caused the derailment just to let a new update pass through. So in other words, they cant just "magically" pretend an update didn't take place and pull a new one out this week. If an update is already halfway done, it has to be finished or completely removed before more content can be put on the game. But as for two updates, it is possible. If they fix the bump, they can just slap next weeks update on the train too if they want. But by doing that they risk running into more bumps for both updates. So its possible for two updates to be released next week, as its been done before, but if they do the updates will likely be later in the week.
  13. Also now they've postponed it for 2 days The red smoke/evil power, and the updated messages on the seers has a very very high probability of being a P2P quest. The reason for that is the seers the updated is members content. If the power was related to the skill, it wouldn't of effected just seers NPC's because they are members only content. They would of been on NPC's both F2P and P2P can see. So assuming the power was not related to the skill, we have no other evidence pointing that this next update is related to the skill at all. I just wouldn't count on the skill for another 3-4 months at least, or your just going to get disappointed every time its not the skill. FT:III or Slug Quest is more likely for this week.
  14. No, each day is separate in terms of how many resources are gathered. For example: If you have 100%, and let it go for 4 days. End of Day 1) 100% Gathering for this day End of Day 2) 99% Gathering for this day End of Day 3) 98% Gathering for this day End of Day 4) 97% Gathering for this day ect.. Gathering %'s are calculated at the end of each day cycle. So if you get your gathering to 100% before the day ends, that day will be 100%. So if on day 4, you got it to 100 before the day was over, it would be 100% instead of 97%. But only for day 4. Answering your question; if you get it to 100% before you gather the resources you collected, the % you end up with only effects the day you are currently on. Due to the Kingdoms extreme ability to make profit, you can make profit until about 50% Gathering, which is 50 days! It only takes about 5 minutes to refill your kingdom % to 100, so I would just hop on every weekend or two to refill it back up to 100% for the best efficiency. Turn your chat's to off to eliminate any distractions that might make you play longer, and once 100% log off.
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