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Maging rex info?


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I'd say I average about 30k-45k per hour using the CoG spell. Drop ratess of each...Hum. I don't have an x/100 rate for you, but I do know that when I camp their with a bunyip, guthans, a ring of wealth, and claws of guthix, I never leave empty handed.


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I've done already 7 trips to there, around 220 rex killed and got this:






Trip 1 - D axe


Trip 2 - Zerker


Trip 3 - Warrior


Trip 4 - Warrior/Zerker


Trip 5 - Warrior


Trip 6 - Zerker


Trip 7 - Dry




Its really easy to get drops...




For xp i used slayer dart, pretty good spell and i usually got 50k xp per trip...

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