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In the Items Database it states that the locations of the Sapphire are:




Sapphires can be purchased at the gem stores, however are rarely found in stock, because the stores only stock the gems that players sell to them. You can also get them from cutting an uncut sapphire which requires level 20 crafting. Also, there is a spawn in the high level wilderness by the giant spiders.




This is all true, but while I was killing Rock Crabs in the north of Relleka City(the Rock Crab beach north of the sand pit) there was an island that spawned a sapphire, though this isn't reachable physically you can reach it by using the Telekinetic Grab with 33 Mage.

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Yep...I think there is also a sapphire in the wilderness near spiders...you can mine them in Shilo Village...or buy them from players on the G.E. if a player needs them.

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Thanks for all your input! :D I credited rocki3434 for the sapphire. damianara I credited you at the uncut sapphire. loods, I didn't credit you because you just confirmed information which has already been researched and published on the site. We greatly appreciate info about stuff which isn't on the site yet though.

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