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aviansies tanking setup


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since i need some extra cash atm, i wanted to try aviansies.


-what stats should improve first? i was thinking of 80def but if not really necesery id perfer to wait and do that some other time.


-my gear:armadyl helmet, fury, ava's acc, rune cbow, broad bolts, dboots, RoW, barrow gloves, DFS, verac skirt/d legs, dhide body.


i could change the RoW into archer ring...


i kno i didnt include a zammy item, i was thinking of taking zammy skirt or zammy dhide body...


what inv should i take?



[hide]visage drop 11/01/09


all skills 70+ (completed)

all skills 80+

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Dragon boots are useless at Aviansies.




Misc: Abyssal Whip x28 , Dark Bow x5, Beserker Ring x3, Warrior ring x1

Dragon: Dragon Platelegs x2 , Dragon Plateskirt x2, Dragon Boots x38, Dragon Med Helm x4, Shield left half x3

Godwars: Godsword shard x13, Bandos Hilt x3, Bandos Chestplate x6, Bandos Tassets x4, Bandos Boots x5, Saradomin Sword x1, Zamorakian Spear x1,. Armadyl Helm x2, Armadyl chestplate x2.

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You don't really need 80 defense at aviansies but it might help you a bit. You also need a saradomin item. Change out the barrow gloves for set of zamorak vambraces and and get a saradomin d'hide body. That's the cheaper way to get the same effect.




You need climbing boots to get there, too! Other than that, you're set.




Inventory: 100 natures, fire staff, games necklace, few k mithril bolts. Don't forget B2P! Fill the rest with monkfish and you're set.

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Replace the veracs with sara or zammy blessed hide legs and replace the dhide body with the other god.


Snakeskin boots.




With a bunyip you'll be fine.


  • Dragon Axe x11
    Berserker Ring x9
    Warrior Ring x8
    Dragon Med
    Dragon Boots x4 - all less then 30 kc
    Godsword Shard (bandos)
    Granite Maul x 3

Solo only - doesn't include barrows[/hide][hide=Stats]


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row isnt really useful since the bars r a common drop, try using an archers ring instead.


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If you plan on killing in the Eyrie you won't need a Saradomin Item. Just pray magic when you climb down the rope to avoid getting killed by the Mages there. If you have the money keep the Barrow Gloves and replace the D'hide with the Zamorak Body, if not then get the Bracers. If you're afraid you might get killed, just wear a Holy Symbol instead of the Fury and once in place put the Fury on and drop the Symbol.




Snakeskin Boots, D boots have no use for ranging.




Archer Ring, RoW will decrease the amount of Addy Bars you'll get.

[hide=Drops]Slayer:Draconic Visage x3, Abyssal Whip x23, Dark Bow x3, Dragon Platelegs x3, Dragon Boots x40, Dragon Plateskirt x4, Shield Left Half x3, Dragon Medium Helms x10


CS: Zamorakian Spear x2, Zamorak Hilt x1, Bandos Chestplate x1, Sara Sword x1

DKs: Dragon Hatchet x3 Beserker Ring x1[/hide]

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Well since your Def is on the low side your oufit helps alot with Def. I would change the following:




Black Dhide> Zammy Dhide


Dragon Boots> Ranger/Snakeskin Boots


RoW> Archers Ring


Verac Skirt> Torag Legs




Keep the rest as it is. You dont need a Sara item. I dont use one. There are spots were Sara Followers cant get to you.



**Thanks to Boo_Boy666 for my amazing Singnature**

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Green Dragons Guide

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