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99 fishing


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I did monkfish from 88-98 in 2 months and fly fishing from 98-99 in 3 days.




Monkfish = good money + decent exp


Fly Fishing (in shilo) = just exp barely any money.

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having alot of friends with 99 fishing this is what i know




Fastest exp in game is barbarian fishing dropping the fish (can reach 60k an hour) Needs constant attention to drop after every fish because theres a 3 sec delay before you can catch a new fish




Next best would probly be dropping barb fish with mousekeys so you can still semi-afk it




Then next fastest is barbarian village fly fishing with mousekeys to drop




then shilo, but its not worth it because of how it can hop to other side of river




The general best way for most scapers is monkfish to 99



Dragon Drops: 80+ boots, 7 med, 3 skirt, 2 left half, 2 Spear, 2 2h

Slayer: 30+ whips, 4 Bows, 1 Mask, 3 Granite Legs, 1 Visage (Wyverns)

Notable GWD Splits: Bandos Tassets: 12, Bandos Chest: 11, Bandos Hilt: 2

Proud Slayer of 99 Att/Str/Def/HP/Range/Summoning

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My friend just straight fly-fished from 60-99...




Pretty sure shilo is the fastest, xp wise.




I dunno how people fish like that >.<


People power skills cause they want to get 99 as fast as possible so they can do other things that they like more.

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