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Range Training 48 - 80

Sheep Tails

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Hi there. I've been trying to train my range recently, and I'm pretty sure the best way would be to kill yaks until a certain level and then aviansies. Here are my questions:


1. What weapon to use at yaks?


2. How much will that cost?


3. At aviansies, what setup to use? (preferably cheap, also please include the general price)




Thanks to anyone who answers \'


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Aviansies at 75: Cheapest set is.. (TANK)




Torag helm,


Sara dhide body,


Torag legs,


snakeskin boots,


ava's accumulator,


emerald (E) bolts OR preferably broad bolts,


granite shield,


rune xbow,


arma pendant.

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Broad bolts are best at yaks.




No they are not.




Broad bolts are good for monsters with high defence, you have no idea what you're talking about.




People train on yaks because yaks have low defence, therefore you can use poorer weapons (such a bronze, iron knives) on them, these will hit often and are very fast which is very people train on them for fast exp.


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