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Lunar diplomacy. levels.


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i need a few levels for lunar diplomacy... however the crafting levels bother me...




i'd need to craft a lot of tiara's to reach the level... which i think to be cheapest.


otherwise i'd have to mine a lot of gold to be able to pay for the silver (i gain a profit if i bar em)




so any other option available?



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Spin flax


1k flax = 15k exp and you make a fair amount of money




No, don't do flax. It will take forever and if very unefficient.




I suggest making waterbattlestaffs - (at level 54 - do tiaras up until then) they are very good exp and you can break even with them sometimes.


To make a profit, buy all your battlestaffs from Zaff in Varrock - do Varrock achievement diaries to maximise efficiency.




You can make money buying gold bars for 180 eachish and sell the amulets which always sell for max on ge.




Tiaras would be your 3rd best option probably.


Thank you to tripsis for an awesome sig!

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