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The Sabres vs ESK


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Team Eternal Soul Keeprs


ESK approached our leader 2 weeks ago looking for a 1 hour PKRI. Our weekends were booked so he accepted it for today, and we began sharpening our Sabres for the upcoming battle.




TS starting - 18








ESK starting - 19+ (asked for a pic but no1 has one, I think they had a few more members come in during the 50 secs)








We had a great start with several KOs and tight binds. We held our lead most of the time, but in the last 20 mins or so a bunch of our members had to leave and went afk, and our level 88 who needs to be educated in warring got k0ed a couple times. ESK started to catch up a bit at that point but we soon brought it together and dominated.
























Ending Kills:




The Sabres - 46




Team ESK - 38






Well done Sabres you performed well and kept the spirit up all the way through!! :thumbsup:




Good fight ESK it was a pleasure.

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