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How Long Does Teleblock Last?


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Hey Guys...




im currently doing spirt of summer and some nooby rev dragon totally owned me and tellyblocked me... im currently logged out with 17 hp, in lvl 17 wildy tellyblocked... i was shocked when i logged off and in to find that does not get rid of the block anymore...




how long does tellyblock last, and can this time diminish while im logged off???... please only answer this if you actually know the answer...




Thanks in advance

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5 minutes, it goes away whilst being logged off and you lose it when you enter a non wildy area, like bh, also, wearing a forinitory (sp?) bracelet (charged) would mean that they can't teleblock you and protect from mage works also, they won't attack with mage when you protect from it, which they use to teleblock with. However, you can still be frozen because the freezing effect is from the revenant's ranged attack.




Be careful.

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