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Hey guys, I'm a fairly high level, and i have a good chunk of money. However I'm 53 Herb and I do want to waste that much money. So please help me i need the best way to get to 70 herb from 53, I dont care to add herbs to vials(Meaning I do not feel like it) But, If i have to i will, So in this case just give me a simple guide from 53-70 Herb.

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The way that I got mine up was to sit at G.E. and made the highest thing I could. I bought the ingredients, made the pots, and resold them right there. Although the prices vary alot for the ingredients, you can sometimes break even or loose out on a little bit of gp's, but not much. I found that super energies are easy to make and don't cost too much. Also prayer potions will usually make you money if you can get the snape grass yourself. Just don't make agility potions, these will defenitely make you loose money. I hope this helps you!



Drops/Clue Finds:

Shield left half: 1,Dragon plateskirt: 1, Warrior's Helm: 1, Obsidian Cape: 1, Robin Hood Hat: 1, Dragon Platelegs: 1, Dragon Boots: 4, Amulet of Ranging: 1

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If money isn't in issue, just make the highest items you're able too. However, I still suggest staying away from agility potions, fishing potions, etc. as these are almost unsellable. If you want to buy unfinished pots, focus on the more used herbs (rannarr, irit, etc.) and be prepared to wait a few days/weeks before they've all been purchased.

When everything's been said and done, more has been said than done.

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The following calculations will be with clean herbs only. The pricing is the medium GE price and costs are calculated based on buying all ingredients from the GE and medium price. All creation costs will be calculated with a vial of water rather than an empty vial.






Current Herblore XP - 141,591


Goal of Herblore XP - 737,627


Needed Herblore XP - 596,036






Potion: Strength


Creation Cost: 1415


Sale Worth: 1159


XP: 50


GP/Xp: 5.12


Price Outlook: Rising (+52)




Potion: Prayer


Creation Cost: 7907


Sale Worth: 7414


XP: 87.5


GP/Xp: 5.63


Price Outlook: Falling (-21)




Potion: Super Attack


Creation Cost: 1401


Sale Worth: 546


XP: 100


GP/Xp: 8.55


Price Outlook: Falling (-5)




Potion: Super Antipoison


Creation Cost: 2311


Sale Worth: 825


XP: 106.3


GP/Xp: 13.98


Price Outlook: Rising (+18)




Potion: Super Energy


Creation Cost: 2284


Sale Worth: 1425


XP: 117.5


GP/Xp: 7.31


Price Outlook: Rising (+1)




Potion: Super Strength


Creation Cost: 4228


Sale Worth: 3326


XP: 125


GP/Xp: 7.21


Price Outlook: Rising (+67)




Potion: Super Restore


Creation Cost: 10288


Sale Worth: 9182


XP: 142.5


GP/XP: 7.76


Price Outlook: Falling (-63)




Potion: Super Defence


Creation Cost: 1980


Sale Worth: 514


XP: 150


GP/Xp: 9.77


Price Outlook: Rising (+2)




Potion: Antifire


Creation Cost: 2000


Sale Worth: 583


XP: 157.5


GP/Xp: 8.99


Price Outlook: Falling (-29)






My advice would be to make either Strength or Super Strength potions based on my calculations. They seem to be the best choice as they are rising and have a somewhat cheap GP/XP ratio. I imagine the introduction of Bounty Worlds will continue to effect these prices. I would suggest prayer potions, except for the fact that they have been falling and that you might get caught up in that and lose a fair bit of money.




The following calculators may be of help to decide the number of potions you need based on whether or not you create one type of potion or multiple types.




Herblore Planner


Herblore Calculator


Herblore Skill Guide




Hope I could be of some help. ::'




Indexed Picture 1

Indexed Picture 2


Killed my maxed Zerker pure April 2010


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