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Help with fletching and alching

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Ok i got a slight dilema here


All options i am using sc fletching knife btw




Sorta same topic here but quick question bout fletching


Besides making magic bows, dragon arrows/darts/brutal arrows is there any point to 99 fletching? btw how do you make dragon arrows cuz i don't believe there are dragon bars for the arrow tips?






currently i got 13638 bow strings


i will have 3943 unstrung maple bows (when i get to 70 fletch)


at 70 fletch it will take me about 8k yew logs to get to 80. Maybe less if i string them




now i got a question here i know each bow string sells for about 188 gp each


so should i




A) sell the maple bows unstrung to general market guy?


B) String the maple long bows and high alch them which is 230gp (nat rune) + 80gp (1 flax made into bow string) + 36gp (maple log) = 346gp cost of bow which is a 22 gp profit since they high alch for 368gp




C) Cut my own yew logs and fletch them into long bows, then high alch them? (im only 60 wc atm)


D) Buy yew logs, make them into yew long bows, string them then high alch? 450gp (yew log) + 80gp (flax made into bow string) + 230gp (nature rune) = 760 gp which is a 8gp profit since they high alch for 768gp


E) cut my own yew logs, and just make yew long bows unstrung? would be a 26 gp profit since it high alchs for 256gp and i get nature runes at 230gp or less but i can sell all bow strings for around 188gp each.




Im still using the sc tool here also like i said in begining




Each unstrung maple long bow will be 116.5 xp


Each strung maple long bow will be 174.75 xp


Each unstrung yew long bow will be 150xp


Each strung yew long bow will be 225xp




No im not making arrows becaus there is no double xp for attaching feathers, or arrow heads. Only for making shafts. And it is smithing xp for the arrow heads.

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Buy yew logs, fletch into yew longs (u) sell those.




Find something else to alch.




Oh, and you get dragon arrow tips from dragon impling jars.


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Anything in Fletching loses money, as darts and the like are SUPER fast xp. Stealing creations knives are a HUGE HUGE HUGE waste of time, just make 3 mil and you'll have 99 fletching using Magic longbows. Use those SC points on hammers instead.

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Anything in Fletching loses money.




Lie! Buying Bowstring and Yew Logs, and fletching into Longbows will get you a very small amount of cash, I made very little from 70-75, but I still made some cash.




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